VAT Registration in Czech Republic

Foreign firms that are providing goods and services in the Czech Republic, may need to register for VAT.

The conditions that lead to these registration processes include:

  • Importing foreign products to the countries market.
  • Intra-community purchases (acquisitions) or sales (dispatches) of products from other member states in the EU.
  • Operations, purchases and selling products in the countries market place.
  • Selling consigned stock arranged goods to local customers.
  • Selling goods online to the counties customers – leading to local distant threshold operation limit.
  • Having exhibitions, live events or conferences with entrance fees.
  • If a company is getting the service of the countries reverse charge rule and it’s a non-VAT operator.
  • Supplying goods to you.

What information is required to obtain a Czech VAT number?
The following documents will be required to be completed and submitted to the Czech tax office:

  • A document consisting of the VAT of the business as evidence of registration for VAT in EU – if suitable.
  • Authority to carry out economic activities.
  • A part of the firms’ national operation register.
  • The documents above should be translated to Czech be a professional.

Where are Czech VAT registrations submitted?
During registration, you are expected to fill and sign an online application, and then the hard copy should be sent to: Financni urad pro hlavni mesto Prahu, Stepanska 619/28, 111 21 PRAHA 1, The Czech Republic.

How does the format of a Czech VAT number look like?

Immediately the registration is approved (normally within 30 days), an exclusive Czech VAT number is sent to the company. Every state in the EU has a standard formation of their VAT numbers. In this country, it consists of the prefix CZ.

Czech Number Format: CZ+ 8, 9 or 10 characters.

What information is required to obtain a Czech VAT number?

Requests for a VAT number are meant to be submitted to the right tax office. The office to reach is dependent on the location of the foreign company. Foreign companies that want to register are supposed to contact the Berlin tax office.

The details of the applicant will be needed by the tax office and also extract the company’s articles of association. Addition information may be required if the company doesn’t have an extensive history of operating with goods that are open to VAT fraud.


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