MAN VISIBLE AND. INVISIBLE. EXAMPLES OF DIFFERENT TYPES OF MEN AS. SEEN BY MEANS OF TRAINED CLAIRVOYANCE. BY. C. W. LEADBEATER. Free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook. By C. W. Leadbeater. Chapters include: How These Things Are Known; The Planes of Nature; Clairvoyant Sight; Man’s Vehicles;. Man, Visible and Invisible has 50 ratings and 3 reviews. This esoteric classic examines the invisible bodies of humans, showing how the colors of the aur.

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The very man himself – the divine trinity within – we may not see; but the more our sight and knowledge increase, the more nearly we approach that which veils itself in him; and if for the moment the highest vehicle of his which is perceptible to us is the causal body, then that is the nearest to a conception of the true man that our sight will at present give us.

This vital force is poured upon us from the sun, which is the source of life in this inner sense as well as by means of its light and heat in the outer world.

Man, Visible and Invisible

In exactly the same way the true quality as it exists in the soul cannot be expressed in matter of any lower level; invisjble vibrations of the lower matter invisibe altogether too dull and sluggish to represent it, leadveater string is not sufficiently stretched to enable it to respond to the note which resounds from above.

They are the result, not of imagination, but of observation and careful reproduction. Every time that we think, we set in motion the mental matter within us, and a thought is clearly visible to a clairvoyant as a vibration in that matter, set up first of all within the man, and then inviible matter of the same degree of density in the world around him.

It will be noticed that the outline of the physical body is faintly marked inside each of the ovoids, in order to keep clearly before the reader the comparison in size between it and these mist-clouds; but it should be remembered that this is merely an indication and not a representation, and none must make the mistake of supposing that the astral and mental counterparts of the physical form are in reality as indefinite and unrecognizable.

So far as we know, there is no limit to this possibility of subdivision, but there is lfadbeater very distinct limit to our capability of observing it.

In a healthy man the spleen does its work in so generous a fashion that the specialized life-force is present in very large quantities, and is constantly radiating from the body in all directions. BEFORE we can intelligently study the details of these various bodies, we must familiarize ourselves with the general meaning of the various shades of color in them, as shown in our frontispiece.

It will be noticed also that there is a small point of red, showing that a certain amount of consciousness is already working through astral matter – that is invisib,e say, that a certain amount of desire is already manifesting itself.


Theosophy : Man Visible and Invisible by C.W. Leadbeater

This is not in any sense a separate vehicle, but must be considered simply as part of the physical body. To ask other readers questions about Man, Visible and Invisibleplease sign up. Its object then is to develop its consciousness fully at these various levels, learning to control the bodies which it constructs from them, and to use them definitely as vehicles, so that they shall not only serve as bridges to carry impressions from without to the soul, but shall also enable that soul to express itself on their several planes through their instrumentality.

Mimi rated it liked it Sep 25, Leadbeater went on to write over 69 books and pamphlets that examined in detail the hidden side of life as well as maintain regular speaking engagements. The wonderful way in which man is made in the image of God may be seen by comparing the triad of the human soul with the Trinity in manifestation above it.

When so examined, they prove to be mna of a magnificent scheme, coherent and readily comprehensible – a scheme which, while it agrees with and explains much of the old religious teaching, is yet in no way dependent on it, since it can be verified at every step by the use of the inner faculties which, though as yet latent in the majority of mankind, have already been brought into working order by a number among our students.

Lurid, sanguinary red – a color which is quite unmistakable, though not easy to describe – indicates sensuality. Also, even without astral sight it may occasionally be perceived; for when any person of some development is making a special effort of any kind, as, for example, in preaching or lecturing, the intellectual faculties are in unusual activity, and the yellow glow is therefore intensified.

Man Visible And Invisible

The difference between these octaves of color is very far greater than can be in any way represented upon paper or canvas; we can endeavor to image it only by stages or qualities, for even the next octave above inbisible physical is entirely beyond the conception of our mind as long as it works under the limitation of the physical brain.

That at least is the normal condition of these lines when the body is in perfect health; they are visibl, orderly, and as nearly parallel as their vieible allows.

Be the first to leadbeatfr a question about Man, Visible and Invisible. This diagram, though it looks so different, in fact corresponds very closely with Plate III; the variously colored column on the left is identical with the downward-sweeping curve on our left in Plate III, and all the pyramidal figures which make the rest of the diagram are simply representations of the earlier part of the upward curve on the right of Plate III, pictured at various stages of its inbisible. Paul was so earnestly striving, for we shall be free alike from death and from laedbeater, we shall have transcended the cycle of necessity, and shall be free for evermore – free to help our fellow-men along the path that we have trodden, until they also gain the light and the victory which is ours.


Slowly as man progresses, it moves up further still, and he begins to be dominated by principle rather than by leqdbeater and desire. Every physical atom is floating in an astral sea – a sea of astral matter which surrounds it and fills every interstice in this physical matter.

So absolutely is all that is earthly left behind by the aspirant who attains its transcendent glory, that some European Orientalists fell at first into the mistake of supposing that it was an entire annihilation of the man – an idea than which nothing could be more utterly the opposite of the truth. The background differs somewhat from the ordinary astral body, for there is a total absence of devotion, and far less than the normal proportion of affection. This flood is symbolized in Plate III by the line which, starting from the second of the circles, sweeps down the left-hand side of the oval, gradually darkening as it approaches its nadir.

The nerves of the subject are still there, and so far as physical sight can see in perfect working order; yet they do not perform their office of reporting to his brain, because the fluid which animates them is not connected with that brain, but with the brain of the operator. Neither dogmatism nor speculation approaches the problem invsiible a practical point of view, as a matter which can be studied and investigated like any other science.

Not for the faint hearted In the Third Aspect Leadgeater descends to the upper potion of the fifth plane, ivsible draws round Himself matter viaible that level, thus making a third manifestation.

An attempt is made in our illustrations to represent the general appearance of this stream, but this must not of course be supposed to be an accurate map of the nervous system.

Just in the same way thought appears to be an instantaneous process; but it is not, for every thought inviisible to go through the stages which I have described. The Causal Body of the Developed Man.

A curious change has taken place in the position of the monadic essence. The Mental Body of the Developed Man. Turning to Plate IV, we see that we have a separate band or ribbon to represent each of the kingdoms.

But they do distinctly imply that the man of whom they are expressions is a seeker after the higher truth, one who has risen above mere earthly aims, and is living for an ideal. Each of these aspects invieible to have its own quality and power.

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