Koichi Tohei (20 January – 19 May ) was a 10th Dan aikidoka and founder of the Ki Society and its style of aikido, officially Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido. Koichi Tohei (January 20, – May 19, ) was aikido’s first 10th dan and served as Chief Instructor of Hombu Dojo (the Aikido World Headquarters) for. Koichi Tohei Sensei was both my teacher and my father. After our relationship became “teacher and student”, we had to stop thinking of each.

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Kisaburo Osawa came in about a week later. In Februaryafter receiving military training, Tohei Sensei was sent leading an infantry unit into occupied China. He became a second lieutenant and was sent to the Central China front. Donate now with Tipeee one time donation. Since then, he retired from the forefront of teaching and watched the ooichi of ShinShin Toitsu Aikido. This stimulated his later development of Kiatsu, a togei of treating physical illness by pressing with the fingers and extending the ki into the ill person’s body.

For that reason, I urgently felt that Japanese must once again engage in questions of the spirit.

Koichi Tohei

I vowed not let my strength deteriorate again even if it killed me. Sensei exploded at him, and demanded to know what he was doing. When Ki flows, we can use our mind freely. What you must discover, is that the real problem is not something graspable, like data, but it is something which has no shape, like Ki. This kind of misunderstanding will have grave consequences for the future. He remembered hearing that his junior fellow, whom he trusted, had said some bad things about him.

However, these are not the real problems. After that all the local martial artists and wrestlers became my students. Actually, I continued it for another 2 years until I went on to junior high school. I used to develop many Uchideshi all the time. Subscribe Share Share with your friends. People like Saotome and Ichihashi, too, I taught them all at one time or another. All you can do is start a gohei from those parts that you can move, and the only way to do that successfully is to relax.


If I start something without making up my mind, I can easily debate with myself, whether or not toheo do it. June 21, in Regular Topics Permalink.

I know this is not easy. For instance, once I had to be in bed for 3 months because of a high fever of unknown origins. This will help you to greet others at any time naturally. If you consider this fact, based on Ki Principles, it is easy to guess which of these instructors grow more. Gives me something to occupy my hyperactivity while waiting for BART or whatever. Perhaps that has not changed all that much, even to the present day, but in any case, it was a time in which it can be said that all of Japan was imitating America.

This tells you not to have a fighting mind, but it does not refuse competing. He became the Head Instructor of Aikikai, taught many students and grew many world level instructors. That baptism occurred soon after I arrived in Hawaii.

This might be one of the reasons why Japanese National power is falling lately. In the past, I have been one of them. June 28, in Regular Topics Permalink. You may also like. After you do your best and try everything, and if you feel that the way is not for you, then you can choose the other way.

The second tip Tohei Sensei gave me was what happens when the traffic lights turn yellow. Nothing could be koichu ironic — Japanese simply koichk Japanese culture, while Americans were studying Japanese Tea Ceremony and Zen.


Archived from tohi original on But I would not like to say that he is learning koichl martial art if he cannot give others a greeting. It was exhausting, and afterwards I would rush to aikido practice, already dead tired.

Japanese aikidoka births deaths People from Tokyo. He tohsi also the author of a number of best-selling books such as “Ki in Daily Life”, ” Kiatsu” and several other books.

Curiously, his anger was never specifically directed at the person he was supposedly angry at. However, Ueshiba Sensei had asked me to do what I could for Kisshomaru, so I made every effort to see that he assumed a role that put him as the center of both the teachings and the administration, which is how it eventually worked out.

For that reason, Hawaii became a center for diffusion of Aikido in the United States, and remains today an important place for Ki-Aikido. When I want to reach a goal, I need to make up my mind first. The difference in understanding of Aikido became clear between him and the successor Mr.

Koichi Tohei : Shinshin Toitsu Aikido

Between and he visited the United States on fifteen occasions, teaching and spreading aikido and the principles of ki. Retrieved 19 Koihci Just a note of credit, the two uke in the top photo are Nonaka Sensei and Suzuki Sensei. Tohei established the Ki Society Ki no Kenkyukai in recognized as a non-profit organization inover which he still presides.

At the age of 16, he enrolled in a preparatory course at Keio University. October 13, in Regular Topics Tlhei.

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