Khushwant-Singhs-Joke-Book – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) Born in , Khushwant Singh received his education in Lahore, Delhi and. Caustic columnist, noted contemporary fiction writer, and a poet of repute, Khushwant Singh was a man of many talents. But for the common. As publishing houses slowly give up on joke books, only those written by the prolific Singh remain in demand.

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Orient recently published a collection of jokes by Sudhir Mudgal but we have hardly sold any copies. If so, do write to us and let us help you.

Khushwant Singh Jokes

Thinking the car to be haunted, Santa started screaming. The old lady complained to the air hostess who requested Santa to sit on his allotted middle seat. He added that Ramesh Publishing House had not commissioned a joke book or issued reprints in almost five to six years.

For the first five days Santa’s children welcomed him as chachaji. Chhattisgarh election results Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Joke Of The Day: The lady requested Santa to exchange the seats and let her sit on the seat allotted to her. Enter your email address: He too came and requested Santa, but in vain.

I hope you remember the spot where we caught all these fish. Simple stories or a few lines of reading could provide big laughs and therein lay the charm of the joke book. Santa was caught for speeding and was produced before the magistrate. What a lamp post is to a dog, a wall is to an Indian. Uncle, when you came today, Papa said to Mummy, ‘Phir aa gaya sala! Counting of votes begins in Telangana.


In the world of jokes, Khushwant Singh is the only name that still sells

sinth Whether it was one-liners like these, or more elaborate jokes, anecdotes or riddles that would go on for several paragraphs, Khushwant Singh could keep a reader amused for hours. The one who fails in both, we call husband.

Joke books were popular in India till even a decade ago. When he got out and wanted to dress, his clothes had vanished. Want khkshwant Read saving…. The Pope is coming next week to give him first communion and confirmation.

But are the days of these oft-repeated jokes and smses over? Counting of votes begins. In fact, they still sell at a time when most publishers are giving up on the format. He did it with finesse and grace while being cheeky at the same time. Pocket books full of riddles and jokes had jokes that could be typed up and sent to friends via text messages.

The maatra ‘oo’ was added to the signboard reading daak ghar post office making it into daakoo ghar – den of robbers. A Pakistani had stolen them. Khushwant Singh jokes humour Supreme Court.


I hope you are also in the well. Instead of sitting inside, come out and help me to push the car. So Banta started going to Santa’s for dinner. The one who succeeds in both, we call wife.

Trouble Of Angrezee Learning Two Hindi speaking friends who were trying hard to learn English decided to correspond with each other in angrezee.

Khushwant Singh’s Joke Book 8 – Khushwant Singh – Google Books

The one commodity we Indians are never short of — natural gas. Return to Book Page.

Less than a minute later, the report came on his phone and he started dancing. Book shops, pavement booksellers, railway station book stalls would all have a healthy collection of such compilations. What do you mean? Husband and Wife Quarrel: The teacher ticked off the student in kgushwant following words.

Thursday, 27 March M. Santa opened its door and jumped in. He ran into his friend Ram Lai who was working there as a waiter.

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