A poem by Katerina Gogou. What I fear most is becoming “a poet” Locking myself in the room gazing at the sea and forgetting I fear that the stitches over my. Katerina Gogou was born in Athens on the first of June and spent the first years of her childhood in the harshest conditions of the Nazi. Katerina Gogou () was a Greek anarchist poetess who is a representative figure of the ’80s radical political and cultural scene of.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Katterina. The first two of them were directed by her husband, Pavlos Tassios, with whom she had her only daugther, Myrto, while the third movie was directed by Andreas Thomopoulos. With their hands in their pockets they shot other Greeks and they walked fast as if in a great hurry or as if someone was chasing them.

As for her ideal woman figure, she was a revolutionary nonetheless, but a revolutionary unfit for the leftist heroicism of the republican era [Metapolitefsi]:. He looked like or was the Christ.

Before her suicide by pill overdose katerija the age of 53, Gogou appeared in over thirty Greek films. We would not call this iconography a delirium even though she does mention delirium tremensfor she achieves a cinematic record of reality, which is beyond time and political connotations.


She is a whore in the rotten-houses The german drill for conscripts And the last Endless miles of the national highway towards the togou In the suspended meats from Bulgaria. The roles ascribed to Katerina by Finos Films, her employee company, were kxterina the secondary role of the naive domestic servant, or of the silly little sister, or of the undisciplined school pupil.

Smashing habits in insurrection Paris is burning: He is no more in pain. The features change, he becomes younger, more handsome, he enters the final clash, he climbs gloriously to iaterina god. The legs open by themselves Like dead oysters The street is filled with coloured underwear Pakistanis 3anti-mosquito chemicals, limping women, snitches And faggots injecting their breasts Filled with carcinomas.

Great dreams in the sky.

Katerina Gogou

Early life Katerina Gogou was born in Athens, Greece. To ask other readers questions about Three Clicks Leftplease sign up. This page was last edited on 23 Augustat But gogoou are still there. Up 86, this week. Like rats, they say.

I know the papers lie, because they say they shot you at the feet. Please enable JavaScript to submit this form. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.


I wanted -they did not let me, they said- to go out. The legs open by themselves Like dead oysters The street is filled with coloured underwear Pakistanis, anti-mosquito chemicals, limping women, snitches And faggots injecting their breasts Filled with carcinomas. Loneliness, Our loneliness I say. A few years later Katerina Gogou, already working in theatre, graduated from high school and enrolled in a series of drama and dance schools of Athens.

At the final katerija of the s Gogou re-engaged in cinema, this time however in radically different roles than the female stereotypes of her earlier career.

The blood on his hair leeches on the veiled homosexuality syndromes of men all around the earth. They will soak you. Here we burn the witches.

Katerina Gogou « Contra Info

Violence is engendered by Violence. I took a deep breath to run fast. He was covered there, holding a machine gun, he had a short blond beard and long blond hair. Christmas with the Gilets Jaunes. Only when it rains We suck secretly on our thumb.

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