This collection of twelve short stories will draw you into each tale as fortunes are made and squandered, honour betrayed and redeemed, and love lost and. A QUIVER FULL OF ARROWS adds to his already impressive literary score’. Bolton Evening News. ‘Jeffrey Archer’s quiver is full of sharp arrows. His stories. This collection of 12 short stories will draw you into each story, whether it is “Old Love”, the tale of two undergraduates at Oxford in the ’30s and their bitter rivalry.

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A book of 12 short stories by Jeffrey Archer. He discovers to his shock that the statuette is a fake. I have to watch this sometime in future. Rather dull, and evidence that without his political connections, Jeffrey Archer would be about as interesting as a student in a beginners’ fiction-writing workshop. May 06, Kw rated it really liked it.

Its a wonderful collection of short stories that captures your imagination and makes you ponder over aerows little nuances! No shock and awe tactics are ever employed, just a soothing compendium of light surface description and blithe plot.

His father whips him and sends him to bed. We meet captains of industry, bankers, military commanders, foreign diplomats, Empresses and Presidents.

Arch Well, here was a total change of pace as our book discussion group delved into a collection of short stories! Dear Jeffrey Archer, Your long novels suck but your short stories are arrods.

In the s his construction company is not doing too well, when he is given a Mexican contract. Don’t waste your time.


He is a claims adjuster with an insurance company. For those who want make a simple beginning, a small book but with some very memorable anecdotes, its the perfect choice. Get to Know Us. When he returns, he gets married to Victoria. Dec 21, Shashank K rated it really liked it.

A Quiver Full of Arrows by Jeffrey Archer

That was my favourite. May 14, Marty rated it really liked it. This one comes with the stamp of brand Jeffrey Archer. These are wonderful reading qjiver varied in many ways, but usually have a little surprise or twist at the end. No wonder Jeffery Archer is called the ‘Master Storyteller’. A very mixed bag here!

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This is a book that I borrowed from the library and I swear I want to rip off the pages of Archeg Hungarian Professor and Old Love and keep them in my own collection because I enjoyed those stories so much. P The eighth story titled “Henry’s Hiccup” shows what happens when a rich brat named Henry – Grand Pasha of Egypt – who has never managed a single thing by himself is forced to do so when the countries go at war.

When he arrives home very late his authoritarian father demands the truth from Pontius and refuses to believe his story. Sex is obliquely referred to as “making love” with a breast here and there, but is terribly perfunctory – Archer never lasts more than a paragraph or two – and there’s certainly no talk of emotions.

All the quivfr bring out certain e This book is diffrent from his novels as most of these books revolve around two or more individuals who are highly ambitious and strong-willed. The stories were varied and some better than others – Broken Routine was my favourite but I would recommend it.


A good introduction to Jeffrey Archer. A coup owing to Colonel Dimka who assassinates the president General Muhammad causes all the flights out of Nigeria to be cancelled and both Eduardo and Manuel are forced to spend time together locked out from the world.

A Quiver Full of Arrows

The First Miracle is a short and sweet story about a boy who is never named, written in third person. The author uses Senhor Eduardo Francisco de Silveira arrowa Manuel Rodriguez – two rival business magnates from Brazil – who are forced to spend time together during a very rough situation while in Nigeria.

Each of his heirs — civil qulver and army officers alike — keep the statuette very safely and in great glory until the latest descendant of Sir Alexander Heathcote, forced upon very tough times due to reckless gambling, decides to sell the statuette.

In his second year he is in poor form and asks his captain to drop him from the finals.

Old LoveI pf it was? A perfect companion for any kind of readers, but specially would appeal for those readers who want to finish a book in a short interval of time.

Michael returns to New York, calls Debbie, and the couple have a one-night stand.

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