The Defenders of the Dead by Jude Watson is the fifth in a series of young reader novels called Jedi Apprentice. The series explores the adventures of Qui-Gon. Jedi Apprentice 5: The Defenders of the Dead Jedi Apprentice 8: The Day of Reckoning. Read more · The Jedi Academy Trilogy II Dark Apprentice. Jedi Apprentice 5: The Defenders of the Dead is a star wars Book set in the Rebellion era.

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The writing was mostly good, the storyline was incredibly interesting, the world building was awesome, and there are ton of emotional moments. Their goal is to rescue Tahl, a Jedi who was originally dispatched to mediate the conflict until she was taken hostage.

Jedi Apprentice 5: The Defenders of the Dead | Star Wars Reading Order

It has always been. Episode I The Phantom Menace. Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon are not supposed to get involved, but the young apprentice feels that he must fight alongside the Young, against his master’s wishes. There’s a lot of gray area here. I still see where he’s coming from. Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page. If there is one problem, it’s with Jude Watson’s writing style; although it’s tolerable, it doesn’t have the crispness and flair of beloved children’s authors such as Judy Blume, Roald Dahl, or Rick Riordian.


The Defenders of the Dead

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s This Star Wars -related article is a stub. And they wheedle their way into Obi-Wan’s apprehtice.

This is part of a series but this can be read as a stand alone book. Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources.

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Rise of the Empire In-Universe Date: A female Jedi named Tahl was sent to mediate, but she was taken hostage. They basically function like blunt electro-swords.

This article about a children ‘s science fiction novel of the s is a stub. I find it hilarious that Obi-Wan flies in near-lunacy, though not as bad defenrers Anakin. This is Towan’s only Legends appearance. The logistics just don’t make any sense.

The Defenders of the Dead – Wikipedia

And I was surprised to find that I did. Basically, Watson’s task in this story is drive Obi-Wan to make a decision that would have been completely unthinkable for him as the story opens, and really the ultimate success or failure of the story hinges on whether you believe that choice.

The Ties That Bind.

Deceived The Old Republic: The whole attitude of the Drad about the Elders being too stupid to teach them right from wrong just sends the wrong message to the target audience of these books too, in my humble opinion. I can’t say or it would spoil it all, jeedi I can say you should read it! Mar 02, Jerry rated it really liked it.


Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon are on a planet locked in a centuries old blood feud between two races.

Obviously Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon will make amends or else TPM wouldn’t be what it was but it is heart wrenching none the less to think how that betrayal would make Qui feel And that’s mostly because of the baggage his character has been carting around for the entire series, so we get it.

The Young are a group of orphaned Melida and Daan children who are determined to end the war waged by their Elders …no matter alprentice it takes. It was also rather cool to see Obi-Wan fly a starfighter into combat.

I understand that people change over time, espescially from when they are young, but come on.

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