JALTOMATO – (Jaltomata procumbens) a.k.a. Creeping False Holly – 10 small seeds A small and rare little plant bearing purple-black berry-like fruits that have a. Link to Jaltomata of Arizona, Mexico and Central America . Number of Flowers Per Inflorescence including buds, Jaltomata procumbens grown in Connecticut. Jaltomato. Jaltomata procumbens. a.k.a. Creeping False Holly. A small and rare little plant bearing purple-black berry-like fruits that have a sweetish flavor and.

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Jaltomata procumbens – Useful Tropical Plants

The stigma is darker green than the style. Physalis pruinosa Ground Cherry. Iochroma cyaneum Violet Churcu. Pubescent, the hairs not gland-tipped. It is a procujbens bush. Solanum uporo Cannibal’s Tomato.

Cyphomandra betacea Tree Tomato. Creeping False Holly Jaltomata procumbens. Bye Mione 6 Mexico, Michoacan 1. The ripe fruit has been used economically in parts of Mexico fresh, dried, in jams or preserves. Some fruits of this infructescence are ripe and others are still green.


There are a few reasons why this species of berry has not adapted well to commercial farming. Mione Mexico, Chiapaspollen count by Christopher L. Geographic Distribution of Jaltomata procumbens. Saracha sessilis Greene Solanum allogonum Bernh. Mione cotton blue in lactophenol E.

Pollen Size Among Collections, J. Kew’s type specimen was not photographed by Mione before it was returned to Kew. Sparsely pubescent, the hairs not gland-tipped. Hello, welcome to my new Blog! Flowers shown in pistillate phase.

Thank you for your comment. Very little is found on the internet about this plant. October 27, at 7: Brugmansia candida White Angel’s Trumpet.

Jaltomata procumbens

Seed Availability Seeds are now available at our seed store. Photo by Thomas Mione, JulyMione December 21, at 9: El Mirador Milpa Alta, across street from and in corn field, and at edge of Opuntia farmfield.

Boil for minutes more, and then promptly put the jam into glass jars. Brugmansia arborea Angel’s Trumpet.


Datura inoxia Thorn Apple. BM “Hooker’s herbarium” according to Miers l. The corolla expands when the filaments elongate on day 2 of the open flower’s life.

Mione cotton blue in lactophenol Mione Mexico, Mexico

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