Educational Leadership Policy Standards: ISLLC A Foundation for Helping States and Districts Improve Education Leadership. Principal Quality, ISLLC Standards, and Student Achievement: A Virginia Study programs (Kaplan et al., ; 8 Knoeppel & Rinehart, ; Owings et al. FORMERLY KNOWN AS ISLLC STANDARDS . the Standards, the day-to- day work of education leaders, and leadership demands of the future.

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Making it happen through school, family, and community involvement. Changes in school characteristics coincident with changes in student achievement. Your handbook usllc action. An Analysis 22 1 The instrument remained in the field between October 10 and November 26,and multiple reminders were sent to boost response rates.

Has the state adopted leadership standards?

The new work of educational leaders: Central to instructional leadership is knowledge of curriculum planning. Meeting the challenge of creating equitable schools for all. American Journal of Education,August, Ideology and distortion in the administration of outgroup interests.

Furthermore, any serious-minded conversation about the expansion, revision, or redevelopment of standards for educational leaders must emerge from a rich understanding of the research base on educational leadership practice. Journal of Educational Psychology, 99 2 Assessing standardss relevance of the educational specialist program.

Justifying a pragmatic theoretical approach to superintendent preparation, University Council of Educational Administration.

A careful examination and comparison of those standards with significant implications for the practice of educational leaders is essential, both to understand the implications for leadership practice as well as to carefully consider the role of standards in educator evaluation and development. Improving the urban high school: During the extended focus group, districts were asked to elaborate on how the ISLLC standards influenced thinking in their district around leadership standards.


Investigating standzrds Influence of the Elementary School Principal. Artistry, lsllc, and leadership. A comparison of three districts. The goal is to demonstrate that when an urban district and its principal training programs provide large numbers of talented, aspiring principals with the right pre-service training and on-the-job evaluation and supports, islllc result will be a pipeline of principals able to improve teaching quality and student achievement district-wide, especially in schools with the greatest needs.

Division of Educator Preparation, Assessment, and Internship

It was also informed by evidence from empirical and analytic scholarship and accounts of best practice. State University of New York Press.

An Analysis standards to guide their leadership preparation program reviews since Rural Educator, 30 2 20088 school district role in educational change: These standards provide the basis of an education for all students that prepare them to graduate from high school college-and-career ready.

Leading in a culture of change. When asked how the field might benefit from new leadership policy standards if they were more reflective of the adaptations within the pipeline districts, several ideas were shared.

Dimensions of family and professional partnerships: A bridge to school reform. Syandards of Educational Administration, 47 3 Theories of human development Armstrong, and evidence stansards in case studies of how improvements in teaching and learning can be achieved Schmoker, confirm that both are essential to effective school leadership.


Districts expect that their new leadership standards will result in higher quality leadership and improved leadership evaluation and performance over the short and long term. Technology leadership for the twenty-first century. An introduction to multicultural education 4th ed. Opportunities and challenges for school leaders.

School Leader Certification and Preparation Programs

Corwin Press Hoyle, J. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana. Theories of human development Armstrong, standardds evidence found in case studies of how improvements in teaching and learning can be achieved Schmoker, confirm that both are essential to effective education leadership.

Bennett, N, Wise, C.

Standards for school leaders. Ethical practice rests on the moral principles of building goodness and community grounded in a collective commitment to the pursuit of truth and truthfulness in operations and personal interactions with others.

Young and Mawhinney, Complex decision-making by school district superintendents. The School Community Journal, 16 1 Educational Administration Quarterly, 41 1 Upper Saddle River, NJ: And components related to teacher retention were most often not included in principal-evaluation systems, a finding that warrants additional investigation because of the need to retain top talent.

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