BESTÅ is specially designed to take care of all your storage needs. – and to A high standard of accuracy has been sought in the preparation of this brochure. BESTÅ storage combination with doors, white, Lappviken white combination · BESTÅ shelf unit with glass doors, Sindvik black-brown .. Catalog & Brochures. Good-looking storage for a great-looking living room. BESTÅ is specially designed to take care of all your storage needs— and to look good while doing it.

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Variable APR of I looked after I read the review and saw it then. The panel is black on one side and white on the other; choose the expression you like best. It s really up to you and your imagination how you want them to go together. Purchased Ikea wardrobes last year – no real issues. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

And will live on for many years to come.

Find your favorite read easier with matching magazine bfsta, bookends and magazine ends. Lesson learned and do not put anything heavy floating on the typical Australian stud walls, especially IKEA products.


It is so cheap, I have broken four of them just trying to put together the first pieces during assembly. It’s primarily two thin plastic layers with cardboard support in between I know because I had to cut a portion of one for the fit I wanted.

We are unable to secure it to the wall which in theory would have stabilised it – not that the pathetic screws provided had any hope of holding such a large unit in place anyway.

IKEA Catalog [Full]

I spent several thousand dollars purchasing Besta modular products to make my ultimate entertainment wall unit. Max load lbs. Got a qualified maintenance guy in who said there was no way they could be wall mounted.

Or let it light up the room.

Will go to Bunnings and get something to diagonally brace the unit. Like other reviews I have read I also own other pieces of ikea furniture and like ikea overall, but this Besta entertainment center is a complete nightmare to assemble.

I think it’s due to how bad the hinges were.

Holds six wine bottles. My previous Ikea purchased took me under an hour to put together. App Support Privacy Policy.

IKEA Belgique – BESTA 2014

They cater to your practical needs. Unit not square, instructions not easy to follow. Should have read the reviews before buying. I am best my issue I stated but I also see separation of the covering and the particle board as someone stated above As you all know, Ikea directions are only simple pics so there is no name given for that part.


Learn more about LACK at www. Existing cardholders should see their credit card agreement for standard terms. I’d rather have the dead-tree version. We’ve given the app a new look and feel, and packed it with even more inspiration, ideas and home furnishing know-how.

Contact your local IKEA store for full details. I put my units together in a variety of creative ways. It is that time of the year again!

But the worst is their customer service attitude, probably having a hard time answering to iea unsatisfied customers all the time. Full catalog embedded here: Come and see for yourself at: Because when a living room is functional, it will be relaxing too.

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