Web Forum: ChessPub Forum – Hypermodern opening repertoire for white. Title, Hypermodern Opening Repertoire for White. Publisher, Cardoza Publishing . ISBN, , Export Citation, BiBTeX EndNote. This complete repertoire shows White how to reject the classical principles of opening play. Instead of placing pawns in the center, White allows Black to build .

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However, don’t put too much faith in them. Open games usually encourage this sort of thing because failing to recognize these threats often results in disaster very quickly!

Ng5 wasn’t very threatening, nor was Bg5. Perhaps Be7 is better. And of course, if you enjoy studying openings or feel that they’re currently the weakest part of your game, or just want to mix them in with your other chess studies, then by all means do it!!

Share your thoughts with repeftoire customers. Schaumburg Library Tournament December Round 2 beecca 16 min ago. Explore the Home Gift Guide. Then I lost another piece to a discovered check, and lost the game. Hangs his own bishop.

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Nc4 and then Learn more about Amazon Prime. However, and I can’t emphasize this enough, his “repertoire” has major holes in it.


Beginners need to learn to be able to consistently recognize things like “his knight is threatening to fork my queen and rook” or “he’s pinning my pawn so my bishop is not actually defended” and so forth. This is from the perspective of a serious repertoir, maybe the equivalent of on this site.

One of the world’s foremost chess experts shows White how to substitute an entirely unconventional approach for the classical principals of opening play.

Confessions of a beginner looking for an opening repertoire. – Chess Forums –

For whatever reason I can only see the last 4 that you’ve played and you won all 4! Rf2 and propose to trade off his last rook.

This was due to my vague understanding of the concept. I found this called Czyzewski Opening.


Add a tag Cancel Be openinf first to add a tag for this edition. Loses the e5 pawn. So this aspect of hypermodernism works for me. More on that when I post the topic, “What I think I’ve learned studying the hypermodern openings. Nf3 was sub-par, I’ll agree. I do not know how, in this case black should react. It’s an rpeertoire of an incredibly poor choice by black.

They deserve to be studied, along with all other aspects of the game. Then you go 2…Nf6, 3…g6, 4…Bg7 and soon afterto set up your fortress, almost no matter openiny white does. I play the Reti opening and this book, plus “Easy guide to the Reti Opening” will give you a complete arsenal to play with white. Also, the KID has fairly obscene amounts of variations. For somebody rated around I wouldn’t expect their opponents to play book openings for more than a couple moves.


Recognizing Your Opponent’s Resources: Openign found yet another opening for white that I think is interesting. It’s a little different beast than other piece tactics.

Reti opening is considered hypermodern What was the purpose of this move? The point is that you transposed into a king’s-pawn opening by playing 2.

Includes the Reti, English, and Anti-Benoni, openings that lead to lively games with brilliant sacrificial play. Forces his knight to move, but prevents you from recapturing the pawn.

I guess my main point is this:

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