Immer aktuelle Senderlisten (Astra 19,2°, Hotbird (13°) und Eutelsat 9°) für Ihren Wie man die heruntergeladene Enigma2 Senderliste auf seinen E2 Receiver. Aktuelle Sendertabelle Satellit Astra/Hotbird Astra 19 Komplett Hotbird 13 Komplett Triple Light Digital TV Senderliste Senderliste Replay TV. Hotbird (E). SenderName, Land, Kategorie, Frequenz, Audio. RTR Planeta, Rußland, Algemein, V, rus ORT, Rußland, Algemein, V .

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Feel free to comment on the site sendertaabelle Just say hello to some of your fellow Vincies visting the site!!! Einfach auf unsere Startseite gehen und die neuesten Listen herunterladen.

Main page Brands Categories Search. Yo, This is a great site I have been away from SVG, but never forgetting my friends and our wonderful culture.

Immer aktuelle Programme I

This is such a wonderful sight I really do appreciate you guys bringing Vincy Carnival to my home via internet. Hi All, Well I am here and I would not give it up for the world. I am so happy that Laferne Fraser brought home the Ms Carival crown and Poorsah has worked had and his hard work has paid off.

Andre wah a guan bro Erase this message and you will never see it again. Just bigging up all the vincy crew. Congrats Carnivalpowern, and good luck. This is a great advancement for us. Sie haben die Auswahl zwischen 3 verschiedenen Audiomode-Einstellungen: Happy Carnival to all. This is a great site with a myraid of information on carnival.


Die aktivierte Funktion wird durch ein , F ” im Diplay angezeigt. Saying hi to dj Mr. Y’ll keep doing ya thang ight!

Senderliste News

I like your website from http: Die technischen Angaben finden Sie in dieser Anleitung! I look forward to all the great music and fun moving to New York for Labour Day, so I can shake and wine to vinci soca music and be a proud vincentian in the big apple. Montag bis Donnerstag von 7. Can’t wait to see what you coming with next year. Sat-TV am Scart- u. Angezeigt wird dies durch einen Punkt, rechts neben der Programmanzeige.

If this file was helpful. Ist die Audiofrequenz bekannt, kann diese auch direkt eingegeben werden z.

Peace out yours truly,MRS. Die drei rechten Zahlen zeigen die Audiofrequenz. I was lucky enough to be part of Vincy Mas this summer and, as I sit here in my room, knowing that it is degree celcius weather outside I am not kiddingthese pictures and soundclips bring back memories that warm me up! Pictures are clear and the graphics and news items are right on point.

Especially good for us vincentian living abroad. Sky Programme auf Sender-Liste.


Kitts, so, I can’t wait!!! First of all This site is very informative but you guys need to update the information on the site.

Digitales Satellitenfernsehen

Larrrddd what a ting when the English dem reach, Rought Neck, heng on. Hi my vincy friends I am a vincian living in canada Imiss canival but what I see is very good much better than last year songs are good. Keep up the good all mas bands in SVG Best regards to my friend Cam and Family who I know are having a beautiful time there at home, enjoying VincyMas and all the other events I could not make it home this summer but my presense is there in spirit. Saluti dagli amici lapponi http: We to are Vincentians based in New York City.

But, you guys need to put the full performance the hotird monarch show.

Programmlisten für Enigma2 Receiver

If you have no future, then you will always return to your past! Diese ist zwischen 5,00 und 9,99 MHz einstellbar. I like it, I really like it alot.

Atleasst now I could get some updates about carnival on this site. Hey, Just checking out your site.

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