The Nature and Logic of Capitalism has 97 ratings and 10 reviews. Shari said: If Karl Marx had a baby but made Robert Heilbroner raise it (as opposed to. Property rights are stressed as being of the essence of capitalism, but the. Like others of Professor Heilbroner’s works, this is a book of exceptional interest and. In The Worldly Philosophers, Robert Heilbroner set out to describe what the great In search of an answer, The Nature and Logic of Capitalism takes us on a.

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It deals with abstractions in the hope that they will clarify why we do what we do in a capitalist society. Aug 09, Julie rated it it was amazing.

Leonard rated it it was ok Jul 19, My library Help Advanced Book Search.

The Nature and Logic of Capitalism – Robert L. Heilbroner – Google Books

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Other scholars have done extensive work ajd explaining the development and expansion of domination in human societies; what they have neglected, however, is the way in which human nature itself allows for this possibility.

Unfortunately, Heilbroner does not provide a satisfactory answer to this question. J Bollini rated it liked it May 28, May 17, Eric rated it it was amazing. I thought this book was a poor analysis. And what makes that truly delicious, to me anyway, is just how highly respected Heilbroner’s economics ostensibly is.

There is a short bibliography. Mar 31, Bob Nichols rated it liked it. This was natkre and thought-provoking if occasionally pretentious and overwritten! Now he asks a still more demanding question: Signe rated it really liked it Nov 09, Drawing heavily on Karl Marx and Adam Smith, and lightly on Sigmund Freud, Heilbroner depicts capitalism as a regime characterized by an insatiable drive to convert money into commodities and commodities into money in an endless loop.


Neither of these heilbrondr function alone. Consumers who remain submissive but with elusive pleasures of minor gains and material.

This spirit leads to the commercialization of life, with capitalists constantly looking for opportunities to create new needs to feed the accumulation impulse: He was a trustee of the Economists for Peace and Security. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Heilbroner finds this cspitalism to be relevant but insufficient. You do not find this inconvenient fact mentioned in the standard economic texts – its just not there!

Heilbroner’s description of Marx’s M-C-M formula puts the whole notion of social and self transformation into a more clear space by seeing how capital, often the initiator of change in a transaction, can itself never rest once it moves, further destabilizing the objects and humans tangentially associated with it, on down the line for capital must constantly be either moving into objects to realize value, or then be moving from object back into into the capital marketplace in order to unlock this value and free capital to exchange its value for something else.

Milovan Djilas’ “The New Class” might have a different perspective on whether domination is peculiar to capitalism.

The Nature and Logic of Capitalism

Heilbroner says capitalism displaced previous social relationships in which people–whether they were peasants or urban artisans–had a right to keep some portion of what they produced.

That altered relationship was the end product of a protracted revolution, commencing in the fifteenth century or even earlier, continuing through the nineteenth, and in some parts of the world still in progress, in which the enclosure movement, the destruction of protected crafts and guilds, the creation of a proletariat from the cellars of society, and the whirlwind forces of new technologies disrupted the social relations of older socioeconomic regimes and prepared the way for the wholly different regime of capital.


You kind of know where he’s going, but if you slow down to reason it out th makes even less sense. Heilbroner acknowledges that the above explanation for the origin of domination in human societies is incomplete and inadequate.

The Nature and Logic of Capitalism by Robert L. Heilbroner (Norton: $15.95; 215 pp.)

And we are far closer to understanding capitalism in our time, its possibilities and limits. Under capitalism, for the first time, workers were legally barred “from access to their means of lgoic.

Get to Know Us. I could have sworn that there was comments and critique on Keynes in here, but I could be wrong.

His conclusions may be disputed, he says. Wealth, in the form of material things or in the form of money, is not identical with capital. But I also know I’m going to re-read it at some point in the distant future, after I’ve had time to let his ideas kick around in my brain with the things I’ve been taught and the things I believe. In fact, I’m not really sure who the right audience would be.

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