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Professional ASP.NET hosting with unlimited space and bandwidth and email.

Saving money using Azure Storage, you can also save money with the backend services by not to reserving CPU and memory, but using a server-less offering instead, e. This library can be used both from the Function App as well as the Blazor App showing the books.

Others you take care of manually. You are commenting using your Facebook account. With the feature Static website enabled, you can see the the primary endpoint that can be used to access the website as soon as the needed files are deployed. You can let Code First automatically decide how to make the required schema changes, or you can write code that customizes the changes.

Hébergement Internet haute disponibilité – RD médias

In the Entity Framework version 4. After deploying completes, you can access the Blazor app using the link from the Azure Portal. With the backend, Azure Functions can be used — also offering a cheap variant compared to App Services, and this as well offers big scaling. The extension Azure Storage allows to manage your Azure Storage Accounts, and to upload files to deploy the files for a static website. Windows 8 or Windows 7.

So be sure to drop him a line Like Like. We’ve illustrated some of these additional tasks, in the hope that the tutorials don’t leave out information that might prevent you from successfully deploying a real application. These tutorials show you how to deploy first to IIS on your local development computer for testing, and then to Azure or a third-party hosting provider for staging and production.



Deployment from source control using a continuous delivery process is not covered in these tutorials except for one tutorial that shows how to deploy from the command line.

With a Blazor app, the complete code runs on the client. To see what the project looks like at the end of the tutorials, open the project in the ContosoUniversity-End folder. The sample application uses ASP. Code First Migrations automates the process of making incremental changes to a data model and propagating those changes to the aspp.

You develop a web application in order to make it available to people over the Internet. Azure Functions offer different ways to activate them. When an error happens during deployment, or if the deployed site does not run correctly, the error messages don’t always provide an obvious solution.

Deploying web app projects The sample application that you download and deploy for these tutorials is a Visual Studio web application project. Using services hosted in Azure App Services is not really useful when saving money by hosting the Blazor website with Azure Storage.

After installing the extension Azure Storage vor Visual Studio Codeclick on the Azure icon on the left, and then the upload button to upload the files. Troubleshooting during this tutorial When an error happens during deployment, or if the deployed site hbergeur not run correctly, the error messages don’t always provide an obvious hebergsur. You need the Azure SDK even if you plan to publish to a third-party hosting provider instead of to Azure, because the SDK includes the latest updates to Visual Studio web publish features.

Learn how your comment data is processed. This setting causes the deployment process to automatically configure the application Web.

Where the hebergeru go over processes unique to Azure, they explain that and advise what differences you can expect at a third-party hosting provider. Most of the procedures are similar for Visual Studio MVC 4 includes many advance features than previous version like new mobile and desktop templates.

If you get an error message or something doesn’t work as you go through the tutorials, be sure to check the troubleshooting page. To invoke the Azure Function from Blazor, the Blazor app is extended.


With Azure Functions v2, a. It also offers a quality based programming model that is more advance and offer benefits including powerful extensibility, cleaner code architecture and test-driven development. The implementation of the Azure function returns a list of Book objects: Be sure to select a subfolder in the hebedgeur directory containing the Index.

In the following tutorials, you prepare for deployment by setting up some of these things hebergeurr be handled automatically. Comments welcome Comments on the tutorials are welcome, and when the tutorial is updated every effort will be made to take into account corrections or suggestions for improvements that are provided in tutorial comments. NET hosting service can help you create efficient sites using newest web standards including link to social networking sites, video insertions and connection to SQL Hebergehr databases.

It’s a simplified version of a university web site, based loosely on the Contoso University application described in the Entity Framework tutorials on the ASP. Save the ContosoUniversity solution files from the C folder in a folder named ContosoUniversity in whatever folder you use for working with Visual Studio projects.

It also offers additional benefits when compared to other database types especially from a management’s point of view. For example, using the Consumption Plana request is limited with the maximum amount of time it can run. However, if you install the latest Web Publish Update for Visual Studioyou can use the same deployment methods and tools for web app projects.

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NET hosting accounts for your databases. With the Books component, the HttpClient class is injected.

This is the container where the upload goes to.

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