You aren’t the same as you were when you were a baby. Everyone grows and changes, but how do people develop? Watch this lesson to find. Havighurst’s Developmental. Tasks, Young Adolescents, and Diversity. M. LEE MANNING. The middle school years can be difficult for young adolescents as. The term “developmental-task” was introduced by Robert Havighurst in the ‘s. Since the ‘s the concept of developmental-tasks has become an.

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They have, in fact, been supporting them much longer.

You just have to wait like Christine does. Learning sex differences and sexual modesty 6.

The evaluation of the interview is carried out according to the five categories mentioned earlier. First of all, what does research and typification of developmental-tasks mean? Desiring and achieving socially responsible behavior Middle Adulthood 1.

Achieving personal independence 9. Families which cannot adapt to processes of social change and modernisation. This is a period 7 to 11 year old children normally go through!

The growing child, for instance, may not cope with the tasks set due to his physical or psychical constitution and needs support by a pedagogical setting. The mother wants the child to learn to postpone develppmental wishes to a later point of time.

Havighurst`s Developmental Task Theory

Acquiring a set of values and an ethical system developmrntal a guide to behavior; developing an ideology 7. The so-called body-expression shown by the young people at the interview was superficial and characterised havighurs egocentric impulses such as gaining acceptance and showing strength. Social pedagogy or social work does not only mean helping people to cope with their life, but also the transmitting the expectations within our society.


With regard to the development of normative orientation, the recognition of generally binding social rules in groups, as well as the renunciation of physical violence in order to gain acceptance, play a key role.

Learning physical skills necessary for ordinary games 2. What might a pedagogical environment look like, in which the young people are being supported in order to cope with the tasks discussed? These young people need a pedagogical environment which offers them a wide space to act, where they can prove their abilities, strengths and impulsive bodily expression sevelopmental a socially acceptable manner.

The obvious thing to do is to use the list of developmental-tasks as a manual of diagnosis.

Assisting teenage children to become responsible and happy adults 4. We all have to wait.

A- Havighurst’s Developmental Task Theory

Referring to the category interaction strategies young people have to learn to use language as a medium for negotiations.

To achieve this, the developmental-task concept, which I have outlined here, is an important starting point. It is not only the difficulties in adaptation to social changes that can cause a social-pedagogical problem taskd also migration: The maturational process and the facilitating environment.


In contrast to the medical or psychiatric diagnostic approach, our approach differs in that the diagnosis is not followed by a specific treatment. Developmenntal a consequence, developmental-tasks, and also the difficulties associated with them, would have to be expressed by the growing child through self-interpretation. In a second step, the aim is to find out the developmental-tasks which present particular difficulty.

Havighurst`s Developmental Task Theory

The situation described here could be interpreted in different ways: Developmental Tasks of Adolescence: Achieving a masculine or feminine social role 3. Adjusting to decreasing physical strength and health 2. The mother explains that it will still take some time to arrive, that he will have to be patient and that once they have arrived he habighurst get his ice cream.

In the first instance it is about children and young people who have difficulties with adapting to school and the educational system. Adjusting to aging parent Source: Here the individual characteristics of each case would not be considered to such an extent.

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