Germany VAT Returns

How frequently are German VAT payment required?

The German Value Added Tax (VAT) requires a yearly return. Just Like every member state of the European Union, the German VAT report is done on a yearly basis.  However, for sales ranging between 1,000 Euros and 7,500 Euros annually, the VAT returns are required at three months intervals. If the sales range are above 7,500 Euros, monthly returns are therefore requested. Newly registered companies are however obligated to submit their fillings each month for a period of two years.

What are the limits for completing German VAT revenues?

Any German VAT due must be paid at the same time.

All the quarterly and monthly German VAT filling are usually due on the tenth day of the month. One can apply for an ongoing month’s wait although it would demand an advance payment in cash. The German annual VAT fillings which constitute the summary of every transaction all through the year is usually due on the 31st day of May of the succeeding year.

German VAT returns are to be completed where?

After a company registers with German VAT, it is assigned to one of the numerous tax offices in the country. However, the assignment is made based on the country the trader resides in. For instance, UK companies are assigned to Hanover, US companies are assigned to Bonn while French companies are allocated to Offenburg. Since 2013, Germany began filling its VAT returns electronically. Using digital authentication over the World Wide Web.


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