Germany Intrastat

When is it required to complete German Intrastat reports?

There may be a stipulation to companies (resident or non-resident) who transport goods to or from other European nations over the German border to fill in the Intrastat report monthly. Intrastat report lists the “dispatches” and “arrivals”. Dispatches are the goods going out of Germany while arrivals are the goods coming into Germany. This system was introduced by Germany at the launch of the 1993 EU free trade market. Therefore, if the goods are imported outside the EU or are exported out of Europe, Intrastat will not be applied.  

What are the limits for German Intrastat reports?

The threshold for German intrastate arrivals is 800,000 Euros while the threshold for dispatches is 500,000 Euros. When the reporting thresholds are exceeded, Intrastat returns must be completed. 

What information is included in a German Intrastate filing? 

Goods carried across the national border of Germany to another EU country must be listed. 

Included in this shipment are trade quantity, classification, weight, value, country of arrival or dispatch and commodity code. 

When should filing of German Intrastat be done? 

Intrastat should be filed at the 10th of each month after movement. 

This can usually be carried out with the VAT return. For late filings, there may be violation penalties. 


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