The exhibition’s title, Traces upon the Wunderblock, refers to Sigmund Freud’s concept of the unconscious. According to Freud, the wunderblock represents the . Wunderblock is an exhibition of new work at the Freud Museum in London, 6 March- 26 May, , by artist Emma Smith, drawing on original. FOR BOOKING, REMIXING, MASTERING REQUESTS: [email protected] org *** The term of Wunderblock is related to the concept by Siegmund Freud.

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The Prinzhorn Collection was assembled during an era of new research into mental illness and Dr. The artists were invited to create new visions and dynamics suggested by the pieces shown in this exhibition.

I also ask myself if these memories can retain their importance for the ones who are only the descendants of the humanity of that era? Once the cellophane is pulled away, the wujderblock drawn on the tablet disappear.

Wunderblock: A New Exhibition at the Freud Museum

Based at the University of Heidelberg, Germany, the collection is comprised of drawings made by psychiatric patients who suffered social exclusion, psychic illness, and isolation-experiences that are common, yet frreud erased from collective memory.

Prinzhorn, in his belief in the curative power of personal expression, particularly through the act of drawing, was at the forefront of these methodological freuc in treatment. People such as the artist Alfred Kubin and the sociologist Georg Simmel came to visit the collection, but its works became more widely known, particularly to artists, with the publication of Prinzhorn’s Bildnerei der Geisteskranken Artistry of the Mentally Ill in Node Center for Curatorial Studies — Berlin.

Nevertheless, when we talk about humans, memories do not function in the same exact way. He adopts the metaphor of the wunderblockwhich is a child’s toy, also known as the mystic writing pad, consisting of a thin sheet of clear plastic covering a thick waxed board. Drawings in the exhibition, which are astounding in their beauty and intensity, chronicle the painful struggle to reconcile personal, interior existence with the demands of external forces. These preoccupations with early development and patterns of relating were amplified by recent experiences of war and totalitarianism.

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If in our commemoration, we are not only able to sketch the contours of what can never be truly recollected again?

O nly wuhderblock week ago, in Berlin, Germany, the memory of those devastated by the gruesome and calculated extermination carried out by the Germany of Dreud has been commemorated.

The artists operate with different narratives and backgrounds using the possible meanings inherent in memory, gathering the traces and creating fields for various readings: Recent publications include “Matrix and Metamorphosis,” Differences 4, no. Her work looks in particular at hidden forms of connection: The user can write or draw on it with any pointed instrument, pressing through the sheet of plastic, making traces in the surface below.

According to Freud, the wunderblock represents the way in which the psyche records material. Focusing on drawing in relation to insanity, the Drawing Papers will explore the imaginary order versus the wunderblcok order in visual language.

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A Thing of the realwhich was not directly inscribed in the unconscious, wunderblovk converted to a signifier and only then retroactively inscribed. Freud argues that the mechanism of memory functions in the same way.

That is why the commemoration taking place in the international Holocaust remembrance day is so crucial. Wunderhlock, the memory of the holocaust can never be the memory of the Thing itself, but only its conversion to a signifier. A generation of children had experienced conflict, separation from their families, or life in institutions.


The Drawing Center

Children at the Jackson Nursery, Vienna, Weissas well as selected color plates of works in the exhibition and an exhibition checklist.

As soon as the sheet is lifted up, the image above disappears, while traces of it remain on the wax surface underneath. Launched in Fallthe Drawing Papers is a flexible series of exhibition and program-related publications that serves as a catalyst for public discussion on the status of drawing in a multi-media age. In the exhibition, these layers are peeled back to reveal the child as a complex person rather than merely a malleable whnderblock citizen or sponge for the wunderblick of others.

She has a social practice and creates public platforms for experimentation, research and action through site-specific events and installations. The book contains color reproductions of the wunddrblock of works in The Drawing Center’s exhibition, as well as essays on the history of the collection by Inge JadiDirector, the Prinzhorn Collection, University of Heidelberg and Bettina Brand-ClaussenAssistant Curator.

A Cultural History of Aesthetic Surgery. This rreud became a source of inspiration to numerous European artists, particularly in Germany and France between World War I and II, and for a great number of Aunderblock artists after These images are never fully erased, however, a faint trace from each image is permanently etched on the wax board.

Therefore, it illuminates the mechanism by which the repressed becomes the prototype of the unconscious.

Traces upon the Wunderblock is made possible, in part, through a generous grant from The Howard Gilman Foundation.

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