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  • How do I determine the best plan for me?

    You can choose as many countries as you need to be solved you VAT issues. If you have any questions about the best option for you, our customer experience specialists are ready to answer any of your q
  • Does my data Safe and Secured?

    Yes, as VAT Guard has authorized developer access, we provided all documentation that was necessary for Amazon MWS, see our Private Policy for more detail.
  • Do VAT Guard offer a free trial?

    No, but we can send you our DEMO for FREE  if you sign up for our newsletter. If you FBM seller you can sign up for FREE and MONITORING YOUR THRESHOLD LIMITS for know when you need to register for
  • What is VAT Guard?

    VAT Guard is an automatic tool for Amazon FBA Sellers. Thanks to API technology, VAT Guard takes your selling data directly from Amazon Seller Central and provides you with VAT fillings, monitoring yo
  • How can I getting started with VAT Guard?

    Choose a business plan depends on your FBA countries’ storage ➜ Sing Up ➜ Provide the information for the purchase invoice ➜ Provide payments methods and make a purchase. If you have any q
  • Where I can find supported social networks?

    You can visit our private Facebook group for Amazon FBA Sellers, for get support with tax problems selling in European Union.
  • Does VAT Guard is just for Amazon FBA?

    No, you can connect your Amazon FBM account for VAT Guard as well, if you need VAT Registration and VAT filling in European Union as well you can monitoring your threshold limits in VAT Guard that is
  • Did Amazon allowed to access for VAT Guard to Amazon Selling Account data?

    Yes, Amazon MWS authorized the VAT Guard software tool, which allows integrating API key that helps programmatically takes selling data and provide better service for Amazon sellers.
  • What is included in my subscription plan?

    All subscription plans include Country VAT registration, country VAT filling, threshold limits monitoring, VAT payments reminder, government communication, and accounting support.  

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