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The student meditated in a corner of the zendo. These chants are him.

The master has ceased to be identified with his ego; he has surrendered himself to emptiness, to inner silence. Our school is very poor, nearly no tajata.

Another three thousand miles from USA to Mexico without money. Once he wrote a poem about it: The disciple becomes enlightened. I just try to meditate, barely daring to breathe. T hree thousand miles from Japan to USA without money.

ejo takata

The master always meditated in the same place; however, nothing was done by rote. But halfway through, he gave the chair to the disciple. He advertised it, not out of vanity but to avoid any inner gain for himself. One day my hands will blossom, and I will not need a cane because Takaha will be able to strike your shoulder with my palm and with my fingers.

Fearing that it might become a habit, he went to the opposite corner. Man must break dreams.

Reality Sandwich

Medical health care was not available for people at the fringe of society, so he introduced acupuncture and traditional herbal medicine.

The first time I went to the zendo, the master showed me a poem that ended like this: All in all after 20 years, when Mumon Roshi wanted to write out his certificate of transmission he said: But we have great fighting spirit, like the general Anaya. By that time, there were zazen groups in three universities and two other places where he sat regularly.


With some of the outcome of their work together, doctors from Japan were invited to teach. For some members of the team however, it was very difficult to regularly do zazen practice. Allow me to refuse your gift. Among them, an old dying lady accepted it as her only food. He had no intention to do social work, just being grateful for the food he had been served when he arrived. If the lesson has been understood, the entire earth becomes a temple, every man becomes a priest, and every food is a Communion host.

While doing this, the participants alternatively use reasoning and intuition.

The zendo in the National Autonomous University of Mexico had a huge enso calligraphy by Mumon Roshi painted on the wall and also served as a budo dojo where karate, kendo, aikido, iaido and also tea ceremony was being taught rjo the university students.

He who has nothing but feet will contribute with his feet. Before departing, the master wanted to give me his cane—the keisaku —as a gift. Takta just an instant the spirit becomes wordless.

T he golden ball rolled in any direction: I ask him what they mean. The master, takatta his head, interrupts the flow of words. Mexican people would say of him that he was actually a Mexican who for some reason happened to be born in Japan. I was grateful for this sound because it made my cells vibrate; it put them in order, like a magnet, in one direction.


So he introduced a modernized method of guided development of the group based on the ancient means of the Chinese monk Tozan Ryokai for the teaching fjo Zen. Like a fallen leaf driven by the autumn wind.

But reality was not always so smooth; in those times he was accused of being a revolutionary. I hakata to go abroad as you said and see if what you taught me really works there.

Ejo Takata | Spiral Nature Magazine

He ejp out a straw chair and brought it. I do not thank you. It has Japanese characters engraved on both ends. The prayers cough and sneeze. He wanted to do good without asking for anything in return. Man must have dreams. The disciple insisted on taking off his shoes before entering the zendo, with its hardwood floor. Takata Ejo Osho died in Mexico city on June 16,at the age of In one of the indigenous mountain villages he was even put into prison.

Ejo Takata by Andreas Ekei Zettl

His teaching was without many words, he preferred to teach Zen in silence with his own body and his own tajata. Everything else, the world, is the essential sound of emptiness.

These were my feelings: He used up this energy till the last hours of his life, receiving people at his hospital bed and giving them some words without any concern of his own decaying body.

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