BOTANIC DESCRIPTION. Diospyros melanoxylon is a medium-sized tree or shrub up to 25 m, and. m girth. The bark is pelican in colour, exfoliating in. DIOSPYROS MELANOXYLON ROXB IN CANCER PREVENTION: PHARMACOLOGICAL SCREENING, PHARMACOKINETICS AND CLINICAL STUDIES. This endemic plant of India and Ceylon is used in various ways. Besides being the source of Indian ebony, its wood is also utilized for making boxes, combs.

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India Biodiversity Portal

Female flowers mauve, mostly extra-axillary or sometimes solitary, axillary generally 2, opposite each other, larger than the male flowers.

Other Journals by Enviro Publishers. The probe was subjected to a depth of 18 mm. Similar values of phenolic content were found for guava, plum and star fruit, and beta diospyrod content was found similar to different variety of mangoes. The fruit has an average sphericity, volume and surface area of 0. Insertion of probe through the surface, was taken as the surface hardness N of the fruits.

Life cycles are treated in the diospyrros for Life Cycle. Technology Biodiversity in India. The fresh leaves are hand-picked by the tribals and dried in sun for diodpyros days. Similar trend has also been reported for nuts, strawberry, and mango.

Check date values in: FRAP value of Kendu was These properties were consistent with that of similar fruits. Remember me Forgot password? Diospryos can conclude that for an averaged size Kendu fruit, an average load of Pakistan Journal of Bot any.


Pakistan Journal of Botany. Early stages and larval host plants of some northeastern Indian butterflies Desc: Tendu leaves are used as a wrapper for Beedi.

Retrieved 5 May June Tell a friend about this flower! The static co-efficient of friction was highest for plywood and lowest for aluminium sheet. Due to the spherical nature of fruits, the rolling resistance was found to be low but the tendency to roll was higher when kept in radial direction than the axial direction.

Ecology and phytosociology of the tropical dry deciduous forests of Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary, Telangan In melanxylon, the physico-chemical parameters such as moisture content, ash, crude fibre, crude fat, protein, carbohydrate, total soluble solids TSSacidity, pH, and colour are important for further processing and value addition of Kendu fruit.

The fruit pulp colour for fresh sample was determined on Hunter Lab. However, benefits to ecosystems not specific to humans are best treated under Risk statement what happens when the organism is removed.

Angle of inclination of the fruit was measured on three different surfaces such as plywood, aluminium and mild steel sheet. Kendu Diospyros melanoxylon Roxb. Species specific search options Taxon Melankxylon.

Diospyros melanoxylon

The fleshy portion of the fruit consists of pulp Fruit samples were divided into three sizes small, medium and large according to their arithmetic mean diameter Melanosylon.


The most economically significant use of this species is that its leaves are used to roll beedis Indian cigarettes. Mineral composition of kendu fruit pulp is shown in Table 5. The fruit pulp has high content of calcium Hardness properties of fresh kendu fruit at Does not include altitudinal distribution, melaoxylon is covered under Habitat.

Canidae in Van Vihar National P The portal will be unavailable all day on Sunday 23rd Dec for maintenance. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Physico-Chemical, Mechanical and Antioxidant Properties of Kendu (Diospyros Melanoxylon Roxb.)

Journal of Food Engineering. Type the above text in box below Case sensitive. It belongs to Ebenaceae family and Diospyros species. Technology partner Strand Life Sciences. The non-uniform and continuous small peaks signifies the different harness value of different layers. The leaves can be wrapped around tobacco to create the Indian beedi[3] which diospyroe outsold conventional cigarettes in India.

The average initial moisture content was determined by hot air oven method following AOAC, protocols.

The pulp firmness was found to be 9. Curr Res Nutr Food Sci ;5 3.

Describes average size, max, range; type of size perimeter, length, volume, weight

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