Diez negritos es una novela policíaca de la escritora británica Agatha Christie. para introducir un final feliz inexistente en la novela de Agatha Christie.​. Diez Negritos (translated as And Then There Were None) is a cooperative board game based on the Agatha Christie novel of the same name. In this game. los titanes Cronos y Rea y como sus Diez negritos – Libros – Trabalibros Resea : DIEZ NEGRITOS de Agatha Christie “Diez negritos se fueron a cenar; uno se.

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The history is freely available, as witness this thread. Just a few years ago, we started to use “And then there were none,” of course because of the political correctness.

Anexo:Adaptaciones cinematográficas de la novela Diez negritos

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Want to Read saving…. Chiyoko Takeda In Italy the title is translated as “Dieci piccoli indiani” wich means “Ten little indians”. Esgalnor In Czech, the oldest translated version is named, in translation, “Ten little niggers”. People are getting really crazy, few decades ago, no one would even think, that it could offend anyone. Unfortunately, a flood robbed me of all those wonderful old books. What IS relatively new is that the estate of Agatha Christie recently changed the book in the early ‘s don’t know the exact date to not only change the “Indian” references to “Soldiers”, but also change the phrase “n in the woodpile” which occurs twice in the book.


I had the book under both titles. Jan 25, Times have certainly changed since the late thirties. The title of the book was indeed inspired by the quirky Curtis Island, on Agatha Christie may or may not have been racist, I will not pretend to know.

Thomas Hiller The changes suffered by the original title of this masterpiece of mystery are a sort of story of the contemporary bigotry and of its disturbing, useless hypocrisy, in the name of the “political correctness”. One is the English version with the little soldiers.

Curtis, publisher of the Saturday Evening Post, a long time resident and benefactor of Camden. I had no idea there were other titles.

As it still had the original title I thought it was worth the investment! View all 6 comments. Sandra Agatha Christie may or may not have been racist, I will not pretend to know. I ddescargar have thought that was the original title and was changed later because “Indians” was deemed offensive, but our paperback copy says “Previously published as ‘And Then There Were None'” on it.

Azur The original title was actually “Ten little niggers”. Laura Book Scrounger That’s the one we have. Refresh and try again.

Does anyone have a copy of this book under — And Then Q&A

Angelina Cara To much P. Information from my copy of the book. See Featured Authors Answering Questions. The other one is a German translation of negrihos original version with the N word and a ton of apologies in the preface but also with the last line as title. And Then There Were None. The name change, I think, doesn’t require explanation. The island was renamed Curtis in after Cyrus H.


SansuiK Very interesting information. Sara Townsend I managed to find negrifos rather battered paperback copy of this book, printed infrom a second hand book shop a few years ago. Ken I bought quite cheaply a Collins Fontana paperback, eighth impression, printed inonly a few years ago from someone on eBay or Amazon.

I feel kinda sad, that P. Honestly, I don’t know why it has been changed in english versions, it’s a pitty that political correctness has even censur the classics. And here we are, in it’s here. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The book and its original title should be pout back into context – when it was written, then when and why it was adapted to the US market.

So throughout the Commonwealth the original title was still in use then. So the title “And Then There Were None” chrisrie newit’s been around since the book was published in the United States in or Although I do not consider Wiki an historical source, the information will open your mind to the fact that not only blacks were enslaved.

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