Congratulations on purchasing a Cybook Opus, the electronic book This manual contains comprehensive information about your Cybook. Opus to help you. Most of the first Cybook users did notice that the Cybook Gen3 user’s guide was not in the Cybook as described in the Quick Start Guide. The Cybook Gen3 is a 6-inch ebook reader by Bookeen and is the European version of the Netronix EB, but with different firmware installed. Unlike the.

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You use Mobipocket Reader to manage your ebook library.

There are few hardware controls on the device. End of section 1. Cyobok us Bookeen is a french company developping and providing reading device for ebooks.

We’d also like to see a thinner, more bag-friendly carry case.

There are no loudspeakers on the device, so playback is through stereo headphones only. Cjbook on a few different versions, it typically comes with 64 MB of internal storage, and the device supports SD memory cards up to 2 GB.

Cybook – Wikipedia

Please review our terms of service to complete your newsletter subscription. Not the most ergonomic ebook reader, the Cybook Gen3 doesn’t have any dedicated page turn buttons; you must use the navigation controller on the bottom right, and being in the far right corner it’s not in the most convenient of places to hold comfortably and turn pages at the same time.


Google Pixel XL 8. It also, of course, allows you to listen to audio books. I have to ask the Bookeen team, though: Enter your email address to receive updates: Thursday, November 8, User’s guide for Cybook Gen3.

Bookeen Cybook Gen3

This is an issue because MobiPocket does not have a reader for Linux or the Mac. I put the guide on the book reader and it gives me garbage.

The leather case blocks use of charging and headphone ports; you must remove the case to access these. Listening to music while reading helps to shut out your surroundings; we found this especially effective when travelling by train, for example.

Cybook Gen3 Third generation Cybook.

Cybook Gen3 Review – Bookeen’s 6″ eReader

End of section 1. Bookeen has been active in this field for some years: For now, TTF fonts seem to work the best. A number of software solutions exist for reading e-books on ge3 of these platforms. Will it be available in any other format?

The Cybook forum on Mobileread is also a good place to hear from knowledgeable Cybook users: Download the eBook file here. This blog is here to give you hot news on our developments and initiate discussions about every aspect of the ebook industry. The text is so small you ‘d need a microscope to read it, and my eyes are ok This means you can leave a screen showing information for several minutes with no power being used to maintain the image.


However, we used the Cybook Gen3 for several weekend reading sessions with no need to recharge. Alternatively, there’s an SD card slot on the upper edge of the device, which will appear as a second mass-storage device when a card is inserted or you can use a PC-based card reader to copy content to an SD card and then manually insert this into the slot. Unlike the Cybook Opusthe Gen3 comes installed supporting Mobipocket formats.

New firmware revisions give the device cybopk levels of Zoom chbook allow for scrolling, making PDFs more readable, but large files can take long to load or cause the device to crash.

My Profile Log Out. Another quality feature, it offers dictionary support.

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