W Monocrystalline Module, Canadian Solar CS5PM, Anodized Aluminum Alloy, Silver, UL certified, California CEC listed. This low priced solar. CS5PM. W. V. A. V. A. CS5PM. W. V. A. V. A. Nominal Maximum Power at STC (Pmax). Optimum Operating. : Canadian Solar CS5PM Solar Panel Watts From King SolarMan Inc: Garden & Outdoor.

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My bid was for watt panels but when it was my turn watt panels were available at the same price so that meant to achieve my generation goal I could do it with one less panel. Join in the 250k.

But because they don’t have a metal frame they should be very corrosion resistant. Review added by Jekkaxo Type: Ready for c5sp quotes? Solar Dynamics Review Date: If upper panels do not clear, I start clearing them as well the next ds5p they are harder to reach and clearing even a small portion of a panel will generate enough heat c5sp clear the rest in days.

The panels have been working fine. Review added by onthehill Type: Their score in was not good as they only came 27th out of 37 companies surveyed, receiving a score of 14 out of a possible Unlike other major panel manufacturers it only produces around half or less of its own solar cells and purchases the rest, mostly from Taiwan.


Review added by Dr. Canadian Solar Warranties Canadian Solar panels have a 10 year product warranty which covers them if they fail to work in that time period due to a fault in manufacture. One of the highest PTC rating in the industry.

Review added by Mookel Type: Live pricing data is an installer’s most commercially sensitive information and so this is why we are required to validate your name, address and phone number. However, I can comment that the panels look good 25m are not intrusive to our homes appearance. Thanks to Canadian Solar for the quality of its panels.

Compare consumer reviews of solar companies, solar panels and solar inverters.

PV Module Manufacturer Details

Manufacturing capacity outside of China will consist of megawatts in, strangely enough, Canada, megawatts in Vietnam, megawatts in Brazil, 30 Megawatts in Indonesia, and they say they will build another megawatts in a mystery location in Southeast Asia which may be Myanmar or it may turn out to be We-are-not-actually-going-ahead-with-this-project-now-land.


CS6PM 60 Mono cells. The system is rated at 3. They’ve maxed out at watts in summer time. Since this is a new installation, I can’t comment on my on experience. We have had no other issues.

Canadian Solar CS5PM for Sale

Get up to 3 FREE quotes through our service. Check very carefully about the location of cs5o panels. Date Ratings sorted by most recent. They are a generally reliable panel that provides good value for money. The panels seem to perform really well. Once that was completed, our power company switched over the electric meter and we are working.

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And so I have no problem recommending Canadian Solar panels. We have not paid a bill since June Review added by Spoons Type: Review added by zozo Type: The suppliers diagram indicated that the panels would fit on one section of the roof. Review added by Amy B Type:

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