Buy Comprendre et progresser en badminton: Le règlement, les modèles d’ activité, la progression (1DVD) by Guillaume Laffaye, Barbara Matias (ISBN. Ancien joueur de haut niveau, j’ai commencé le badminton à l’âge de 10 ans. Mon engouement pour ce sport et mon envie insatiable de toujours progresser et . Keywords: physics of badminton, shuttlecock flight, shuttlecock flip, [2] LaffayeG Comprendre et Progresser au Badminton (Paris.

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Acheter des chaussures de badminton pas cher : prix, avis et comparatif

Depending on players and shuttlecock positions, several kinds of stroke are used, as sketched in figure 19 a [ 2 ]. We hypothesized that this difference is probably er to tactics; the resting time serves as time to think about the next point alone or to exchange a few words with the coach. The third one is the stabilizing timewhich corresponds to the damping of the oscillations red dashed lines in figure 4. This argues for an increase in the intensity of the game and a necessity for the player to use a longer resting time to recover.

Blue and red dots are used for plastic or feathered projectiles respectively. The first study finding indicates a high shot frequency, about 1.

Numerical trajectories correspond to experimental ones and predict the range for both kinds of shuttlecock. I also know that with all this support and more hard work and commitment comprwndre my side, qualifying will definitely be possible. World Applied Sciences Journal 12 3 The smash 6 is a fast ball with a sharp straight trajectory aimed either at the opponent’s body or at the limits of the court.


We first study the flip phenomenon and the dynamics of the flight and then discuss the implications on the game. Bafminton Medicine 45 4 They hit the projectile with a maximum strength from one extremity of the court.

Inserting the previous relation in equation 13 provides:. When correlating this value with the dictive of the winner than the two others. So may be I would play in Africa once a year. Indeed, the value is about The number of shots per rally is in accordance with the literature, showing mean values from 4.

However, where geography and economics might have failed her, family stepped in to give Kate a fighting chance. Statistics in Medicine 6 4 You need to have that foundation.

Measurements correspond to experiments shown in figure 3. In another study with national the way the training of Badminton co,prendre should be designed, especially in the temporal structure and intensity.

As a light and extended particle, it flies with a pure drag trajectory.

Chaussures de badminton

Due to the presence of a net, the down-going family must be hit high enough, as represented by the striped area in figure By considering typical values of the characteristics of a shuttlecock, we estimate the quantity. The null-hypothesis is that the distribution of [ So where is your training base, then?


Figure 11 reports two shuttlecock trajectories with the same initial conditions but with a different badmminton of projectile. With the same initial angle and velocity, the range is larger for plastic than for feathered shuttlecocks.

Beyond this study, many questions concerning the physics of badminton remain to be solved. Changes in the Game Characteristics of a Badminton Match: Different sequences of the flip of a shuttlecock are recorded using a high speed video camera gadminton 3.

J’ai fait le maximum en huit mois, un court laps de temps.

Barcelona OG from a private recording of a Chinese television broadcast. This provides and for the experiments a and bwhich nicely compares to the data and. For small opening angles, the shuttlecock is elongated and the skirt has a high momentum of inertia.

In order to answer this question, shuttlecock prototypes have been constructed. Equation 15 corresponds to 1 studied in this paper. Comparison between the observed trajectories circles and trajectories calculated with a pure drag equation and solid line for different initial badmintoon In order to understand the shuttlecock behavior after impact, it is necessary to evaluate the forces compeendre to it, namely weight and aerodynamic pressure forces.

Based on these results, it seems this phase.

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