1. 1. B 5 5. 5 5. C. 1. 1. D 2. 2. E. F. G. H. Non-Standard Distribution Qualification Manual, COMDTINST M (series), Conventional. (f) Boat Crew Training Manual, COMDTINST M (series). (g) Casualty .. h. Recommend performance requirements for boat crew positions that would enhance proficiency and safety. Oxyacetylene PQS. M (series) v. H. IONSCAN Program Refs (a) DSF Tactical Operators Policy COMDTINST (j) Water Survival Training Program DOGINST M (PQS only) 4. Carrier Pouches/straps/accessories: Pouches stowed properly; no loose.

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The shield will be placed midway between the elbow and cuff, and midway between the front and back crease, as shown below. An individual Coast Guard woman may choose to wear either the skirt or trousers at her option, except for special occasions where the trousers are specifically prescribed.

Joint Chiefs of Staff This badge is authorized to be worn by personnel assigned to the organization. The right insignia on the garrison cap cokdtinst be of the same design as the collar insignia.

This should not be interpreted as blanket authority to wear civilian clothing all the time. Housekeeping as it affects fire prevention e. Enlisted service stripes consist of embroidered diagonal stripes to indicate the length of service. Women who are participants in official military formations such as changes of command, award, or other ceremonies that may require long periods of comdtknst in place will wear trousers.

This badge is authorized for comdtonst and present members of the Coast Guard Band. This scarf is worn under the windbreaker, work jacket, and foul weather parka II. Suggestion – A full statement, including costs, describing your suggestion and how it benefits the Coast Guard. William the Comdtinsy may be one of the most famous names of the.

To use this website, you must comdtisnt to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. TENNIS SHOES The authorized boat shoe is an optional item and must be dark brown leather, low cut shoe of moccasin type construction, with functional rawhide lacing with 6 to 10 brass eyelets evenly divided per side.


The blue stripe in the center will be to the wearer s right. Sales or gifts, via the internet are strictly prohibited. The White Dress skirt is a plain sixgored skirt of conventional sweep with a waistband with no belt loops and a pocket on the upper right front. Damage Control and Fire Fighting Training. Shipyard Competent Person Program: Electronic consultations or teleconferencing between board members will comdtisnt the preferred method of reviewing a small number of uniform suggestions and to send recommendations to the appropriate levels for final determination.

DOC File – maritime DC & PPE Information Center

When permanently or temporarily assigned at the facility of another military service that observes seasonal uniform changes. Women The jacket is bolero style and has a narrow shawl collar. Items must not interfere with the proper fit of the uniform or protective safety gear. Officers Only Worn with sword belt. With Multiple medals, medals may overlap the lapel and extend onto the chest area.

The insignia is worn on both collars of all uniform shirts, except for the white dress shirt.


Uniforms and Components 3. Plain white suspenders without design or ornamentation are authorized. Once qualified the member will wear this insignia j3502.4 lieu of the aircrew insignia. No paper distribution will be made of this Manual. The outermost red stripe will be to the wearer s right.

Office of the Secretary of Transportation Permanent wear of this badge is authorized for personnel who completed one year of satisfactory duty on the Secretary of Transportation s personal staff S-1 and S When wearing the sweater with any opencollared shirt, wear the collar on the outside.

In cases when a further determination of the appropriateness of any uniform item, grooming, or appearance standard is necessary, refer the matter to Personnel Service Center-Personnel Services Division – Military Uniforms, PSC-PSD-mu for review and determination. Sew-on stitching will not run through the embroidered lettering. White – Only plain white cotton or synthetic material gloves with matching stitching are authorized.

This directive will not have any of the following: Worn year-round by all personnel for functions and situations that require more formality than provided by the SDB “Bravo” uniform, but less than Full Dress or Dinner Dress Uniforms. It shall remain tucked in at all times. A Coast Guard blue, double-breasted, hip length coat, with convertible collar, set-in pockets and a single row of four ligne Coast Guard gilt buttons in each fore part.


White Skirt Unbelted Optional for women. When six or more are worn they will follow the description in Section 3. While each ship may differ in the type and allowance of firefighting equipment, fire prevention policies and programs are universally applicable onboard Coast Comtinst cutters.

All bags worn with the uniform or carried must conceal its contents and be either solid black or navy blue in color.


Standard Ball Cap – Centered between the lettering and the bill of the cap. There are three ligne CG gold buttons down each side of the front, without front closure. One earring per ear centered on the earlobe for women. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Must be of a style and size that it can be completely covered by and not interfere with, the wearing or appearance of any uniform military headgear, whether codtinst not the uniform headgear is being worn.

Many more clerical and administrative changes have been made as needed. Storekeeper SK Crossed m352.4 with stems down and webs outward.

Any contact directly with the foreign government in giving excess Federal m350.4 away may cause an international incident, thus the protocol of the State Department handling the transfer is required by law. A compass rose and a silver shield are centered on the insignia between two crossed swords.

Will be kept clean. The black stripe will be to m35024 wearer s right. Optional for women if no sword worn.

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