Title Variants: Translated: Code international de nomenclature zoologique. Uniform: International code of zoological nomenclature. Ti:i) 35 Y TIIH X V I N ‘1 1 ^ K H A’] ^1 C) ]\ A, L CO N’ G R EB^ 01 CODE INTERNATIONAL de NOMENCLATURE ZOOLOGIQUE adopte par le XVe CONGRES. Publisher London: International Trust for Zoological Nomenclature, Rev. ed. of: Code international de nomenclature zoologique/adopté par le XVe Congrès.

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Code international de nomenclature zoologique

It should not be used with a name based on a personal name. Formation and Emendation of Names 29 Article Ex-of icio assisting several of these, especially the last-named, nomenclagure the Secretary of the Colloquium, R.

Additional items, still under discussion, were caught in galley-proof corrections before the Code, Appendices, and Glossary were circulated to the I. Ce qui constitue publication. Noms publics avant Criteria of A vailahiliiy 9 Article 9, What does not constitute publication. A name consisting of three words, the generic lnternational, the specific name, and the subspecific name, which together con- stitute the scientific name of a subspecies.

Mots composes avec un prefixe Si le premier element d’un mot compose est une preposition ou une particule indeclinable, on n’emploie pas de voyelles de liaison, mais il faut rechercher dans une grammaire la forme de la particule devant les differentes lettres.

Un zoologiste ne devrait pas fonder un nouveau nom du groupe-espece sur un nom de personne ou de lieu lorsqu’un autre nom derive du meme mot est internatiknal usage dans le meme genre ou dans un genre voisin ou associ6, p.

Therefore, the designation of one implies the designation of the other. Information publiee qui 1en I’absence d’une definition ou d’une description, permet de considerer comme utilisable un nom propose avant [Art.

Chacun des synonymes fondes sur le meme type. Rccommeudatiotis on the Formation of Names L’usage s’est implante de representer u par v, lorsque le u latin est suivi d’une voyelle, comme dans “Evander”, “evangelize”. Specimen unique designe comme le specimen-type d’un taxon nominal du groupe-espece dont I’holotype ou le l58 Glossaire lectotype et tous les paratypes, ou tous les syntypes sont perdus ou detruits [Art.

The single specimen designated or indicated as “the type-specimen” of a nominal species-group taxon at the time of the original pubHcation. Its production required in course the exchange of hundreds of airmail letters, the typing in multiple or mimeographing, and distributing, of seemingly endless pages of memoranda, as well nomenclaure typescripts of working drafts of Code, Appendices, and Glossary.


Independence of zoological nomenclature. Through the forethought of President Jean G. Le son fran jais u devrait etre represents par le ii allemand ecrit ue. Men recognized no com- pelling principles to guide them in the application of names.

En latin, mais non en grec, les voyelles u et i sont aussi employees comme consonnes. Th and dh should be used to represent nomebclature the sounds equivalent to the soft th as in path and the hard th as in those of English. Transliteration and Latinization of Greek Words 95 5. See Article 68d and Recommendation 69B 2. References such as A 7, D21c, E9, etc. The type of any taxon, once fixed in con- formity with the provisions of the Code, is not subject to change except by exercise of the plenary powers of the Commission [Art.

To give Latin form, letters, and termination to a word of another language. The combination of a generic and a specific name which together constitute the scientific name of a species. Unallowable causes for rejection. The British Association for the Advancement of Science perceived that zoologists must control the growth and application of animal nomenclature by a code of laws centrally agreed upon.

Un zoologiste xode donner I’etymologie et le genre gram- matical d’un nom nouveau du groupe-genre.

The French sound on should be represented by n, as in German, Italian, Spanish, etc. Action of first reviser. The process of arriving at an exact equivalent then required progressive modifications of both texts in order to avoid ambiguity while maintaining original meaning and emphasis. A zoologist, when drawing up the description of a new taxon, should include comparisons with related taxa such as will assist later identification of the taxon.

The date of pubhcation of a work is the first day, reckoned according to the Gregorian calendar, on which copies become available by purchase or free distribution [Chapter V]. Un nom nouveau du groupe-espece devrait etre cite en entier, c’est-a-dire precede du nom generique non abrege dans le cas d’une espece, et des noms generique et specifique non abreges dans le cas d’une sous-espece.

If the attribute in such a name expresses quality, it should pre- cede the substantive as Schistosomasplit-body ; if it expresses activity or an action, it may precede or follow as Pliilopotamus, lover of rivers, or Potamophilus, river-lover. Each of two or more synonyms based on the same type, subjective synonym. An unofficial but useful summary and index to the decisions of the Paris and Copenhagen Congresses, showing their relationship to the Rules as they existed prior to that date, was prepared by W.


They have the same status as Opinions. Choix d’un specimen figure. That it will accomplish a vastly great deal is, however, a simple conviction arising from recognition of the un- stinted efforts of the great number of people, including the members of the Commission, whom the writer has had the opportunity of watching at work on this task, and to whom zoology now owes so much.

Proscription du terme “cotype”. Similarly in modern Latin an initial I is usually written J. Intemperate language should not be used in the discussion of zoological nomenclature, which should be debated in a courteous and friendly manner.

If none of the names has an advantage of this sort, nor has any special appropriateness, he should select the name that has precedence of position in the work in question. Inevitably problems arose as to just what was the correct name to be applied to a given form, especially in large groups. Systematic zoologists have not been without their difficulties in the interval, because of — irregular practice aside— modifications introduced into the application of the rules of nomenclature in the meantime.

Un nom nouveau devrait etre immediatement suivi d’une mention abregee appropriee, telle que “gen.

Code international de nomenclature zoologique | IUCN Library System

Date of Publication 21 d Dates of work issued in parts. The nominal species that is the type of a taxon in the genus-group. II n’est pas necessaire de citer I’auteur du nom d’un taxon d’un rang superieur au genre, sauf lorsque cette citation presente une utilite historique ou bibliographique, ou lorsque Ton traite des relations entre les noms, dans leurs differents usages. Lorsque la stabilite de la nomenclature est menacee dans un cas particulier, la stricte application du Code pent etre nmoenclature, sous des conditions specifiees, par la Commission Internationale de Nomenclature Zoologique.

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