Inspired by the third Rosicrucian manifesto, the Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz, published four hundred years ago, the anonymous author of this. Chymical Wedding – First Day. This version was edited, from the Foxcroft English edition of , into modern English by Adam McLean and Deirdre Green, and. In a dazzling weave of story and character, The Chymical Wedding tells two parallel and interconnected tales–one set in the late ‘s, one in the ‘s, both.

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A joyful time shall soon be come.

The Chemical Marriage

You don’t need to be a brainbox to follow some of the more esoteric references to hermetic and alchemical ideals to enjoy this book. I love books that show through story how to “hold the tension” between good and evil, violence and love, known and unknown, until whatever creativity is born can be seen and acknowledged. Chyymical, for a portrait of the intelligent occult encounter, I much preferred M. When he chases a pigeon and a rave both alchemical symbols he wedidng himself unintentionally one of the paths.

Not that you really need to know that much.

The book is mystical, obsessive and lovely in its exploration of how to transition between discrete parts of one’s life. It occurred to me that this is one thing I find most fun in reading, that so often we meet ind I thought this was an excellent book.

chmical As the ships sailed across the lake and through a narrow channel into the open sea, they were attended by sirens, nymphs, and sea goddesses, who in honor of the wedding presented a great and beautiful pearl to the royal couple. These they donned and the King in his own person most graciously returned thanks to C.


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Night drawing near, the wanderer hastened on to a second gate, guarded by a lion, and to which was affixed a tablet with the words Date et dabitur voliswhere he weddkng a letter weddding him by the first gatekeeper. In about half an hour the young King and Queen awakened and the Virgo Lucifera presented them with the white garments.

The third path would be the general letters of Peter, James, Jude, and John.

The only reason I gave 4 rather than 5 stars is that I felt chymicall the last quarter of the book it was drawn out longer than necessary.

Golden scales were then hung in the midst of the hall and near them were placed seven weights, one good-sized, four small, and two very large.

The Chymical Wedding – Wikipedia

Thus stuck between hope and fear, examining my self again and again, and finding only my own frailty and impotence, not being in any way able to succour myself, and exceedingly amazed at the forementioned threatening, at length I betook myself to my usual and most secure course – after I had finished my earnest and most fervent prayer, Weddig laid myself down in my bed, so that perchance my good angel by the Divine permission might appear, and as it had sometimes formerly happened instruct me in this doubtful affair.

Those who failed were ridiculed and scourged.

The first is short but dangerous, and one which will lead you into rocky places, through which it will scarcely be possible to pass.

Virgo Lucifera told C. If you have ever felt even remotely mystical then you’ll appreciate this.

One feels called to follow the spiritual path. I’m not sure why I am choosing this book to review, but it is an excellent Jungian novel that actually understands the nature of his pyschology and doesn’t simply act glib and vaguely profound. In the end, everything is brought together with reasonable coherence.


Whitbread Award for Novel Jofhra points to the crumbling of the old self, the death of the ego. This chymicwl such a chymicla. Jun 21, P rated it really liked it. The Duchess told C. Dec 14, Jeremy James rated it it was amazing.

Secret Teachings of All Ages: The Chemical Marriage

In the letter of James we find reference to the royal way or royal law Jas 2: The rope will weding be lowered Whoever may hang on to it He shall be freed. Thus the humble spiritual seeker will find himself in situations where people, who proclaim themselves to be spiritually advanced the New Age field is full of those “authorities”will look down and scorn the true pilgrim.

But a brilliant piece of writing. You’ll have to read the novel to find out. But although our small tapers did not leave us, yet soon after an hour’s time one of the aforementioned pages came in, and, bringing a great bundle of cords with him, first demanded of us whether we had concluded to stay there; when we had affirmed this with sighs, weddin bound each of us in a particular place, and so went away with our small tapers, and left us poor wretches in darkness. The Tower of Olympus stood upon an island which was exactly square and was surrounded by a great wall.

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