New York Times bestselling author Christina Dodd brings you romance, intrigue, and passion in her most boldly sexual story yet! A WELL PLEASURED LADY is. A Well Pleasured Lady is marvelous entertainment and is likely one of the best romances you will read this year. Christina Dodd, in her first. : A well pleasured lady (): Christina Dodd: Books. Determined to conquer the passions of her past, Lady Mary Fairchild.

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Deeply seeded in an old family feud. Uptight, honest, scrupulous, and a bit of a wet rag, she holds herself in check to banish that part of her she blames for her predicament — her plsasured, her girlishness, and her emotions. When he demands her help, restraint dovd way to passion, and Mary must trust a powerful man who could send her to the gallows.

Their coming together is marked by heads being smashed and the use of force.

A WELL PLEASURED LADY: Well Pleasured #1 « Christina Dodd

I love that about this genre or any fiction. And learned to live with it. It’s All About the Duke.

And when the restraint between them shatters and pleasure became an obsession, Mary has to trust a powerful man who could send her to the gallows … or love her through eternity. A highborn young woman hiding from her past and working as a housekeeper agrees to a pretend betrothal how original! A Rose at Midnight. As I was reading the scene, seeing that she was begging him not to do it, nearly crying, I couldn’t be less turned off by it, and I kept thinking “she has told him in several occasions she doesn’t want it, surely the author won’t make the main character a rapist I don’t even remember this and I read it a week ago This was more a review of the that scene than the book per se.


So it’s an educated guess by AAR that this is what the scene is supposed to be be showing, but it remains a guess because the author jumps from point A to point Z and does not fill in any of the steps between. Where would you like to go next?

What a Difference a Duke Makes. Description Take a clue from the title: All I know is that the scene was very uncomfortable to read and made me really dislike Sebastian. And don’t forget it is ok to be ladt abusive rapist as long as something traumatic happened in your past!

And the heroine’s brother who’s supposed to pleasuref a good guy too only gets mad at another guy when he finds out the woman he tried to dishonour was his sister, the heroine, but was totally ok with it when he I never thought there’d come a time when I’d rate a Christina Dodd romance 1 star but here we are.

Not my type of hero This christima has far better novels in her repertoire.

A Well Pleasured Lady (Fairchild Family #1) by Christina Dodd

It would have added further complexity and ambiance to this plot of familial intrigue, psychological trauma, and haunted pasts. What I especially liked and what sets this historical romance slightly apart from others is its subtle Gothic fiction elements which I love: At the very least, sparks fly, then burst into flames weol he carries her over the threshold of Fairchild Manor. The heroine’s brother is completely undeveloped.


One Kiss From You.

Sebastien is a tough character even though he is a Lord. I completely lost respect for the heroine, Mary, who, as a supposedly strong, sassy, and independant woman, could fall in love with the man who forced himself on her May 01, Maya rated it did plsasured like it.

And the heroine’s brother who’s supposed to be a good guy too only gets mad at another guy when he finds out the woman he tried to dishonour was his sister, the heroine, but was totally ok with it when he thought it was some namless woman. Continue shopping Checkout Continue shopping.

This book doesn’t have that issue. Sometimes Dodd’s writing style confuses me.

I’m not ignorant to the christkna of these books. This book turned me off to Christina Dodd forever. You may not love it as much as I do, but I guarantee you will find it a great read. When he proposed they masquerade as a betrothed couple, loyalty forced her to agree. And the murder was just simply shrugge 2.

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