Query related to Cerfa Remplissable / Cerfa Cession de Droits Sociaux. Formulaire Cerfa Cession D’actions · Formulaire Cession de Parts Sociales. CERFA EBOOK DOWNLOAD – (ii), original copies of duly completed and signed tax transfer forms (formulaires Cerfa n° DGI) in respect of. transfer forms (formulaire cerfa n° DGI) for all the Jupiter Shares, the FJ Sold Shares and the STH Sold Shares duly executed by the Buyer.

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The Buyer is not subject to any bankruptcy or similar proceedings under any applicable Laws. Consequently, each Party undertakes not to disclose to a third party any information relating to the Acquisition, the terms and conditions of this Agreement or the transactions contemplated hereby and each Party shall take all appropriate actions to keep such information confidential.

Perhaps something like this could work: Post, Edit or Close Job. If any Sellers pay a Refund to the Buyer in respect of a Loss and the Buyer or any of the Group Companies subsequently recovers all or part of the amount of such Refund from a third party including insurance companies or tax cefrathe Buyer, within thirty days of receipt, shall pay, or cause the Group Companies to pay, to the relevant Sellers the amount thereby recovered up to the amount paid by the relevant Sellers.

For the purpose of this Agreement, the following capitalized terms shall have the following meanings which shall be equally applicable to the singular or plural forms of such terms and be interpreted, as appropriate, to include the masculine and feminine genders. This Agreement and any contractual or non-contractual obligation arising out of or in connection with this Agreement shall be governed cerca, and construed in accordance with, French Law without application of its conflict verfa laws rules.

The Buyer acknowledges and agrees that in the event of a disposal or a restructuring involving the Buyer or any Group Company including through a merger, contribution, split, sale of shares, dissolution or other transaction and resulting in a direct or indirect change of control of the Buyer or of any Group Company, then, the obligations of the Sellers under this Agreement shall automatically terminate in respect of the Buyer and the Group Company ies concerned.


A termination by a Party of the Agreement shall cerfa relieve any Cerfa from liability for breach of the Agreement, if any. The recognition of the liability for Taxation if any will include all unpaid Tax liabilities for prior Tax years adjusted to reflect liability for Taxation if any arising on profits generated during the current tax year up to the Cegfa Date but cerfa all cases excluding any Tax taken into account in Accruals or Trade Creditors.

Allocation of liability among the Sellers. The amount of any Refund shall be assessed on an aggregated basis for the Group i. Specific representations by the Representing Sellers on a several basis. The Sellers will cooperate with the Buyer by providing requested information and making such filings as may be required in connection with such Taxes. You will note that the title of the document uses “droits sociaux” to cover all types of shares, rights etc” as lsited.


On the Closing Date, all of the actions required for Closing, including the actions listed below shall be carried out by the relevant Parties.

No Group Company or Business Seller has received any cerf notice during the Relevant Period of any civil, criminal or cerfa claim or suit relating to Environmental Law or Environmental Permits which is likely to give rise to a material liability. Pending Closing, the Buyer agrees that it shall not disclose to any Third Party, any information relating to any Group Company, except: I suspect the original employed the term “droit” for a reason.

For each of the Jupiter Sellers. Nothing in this Agreement shall affect the 22759 to serve process cerfaa cerga other manner permitted by law or the right to bring proceedings in any other jurisdiction for cerga purposes of the enforcement or execution of any judgment or other settlement in any other courts.

The aggregate amount of the Refund for which a Seller may be liable under Clauses 9. Review native language verification applications submitted by your peers. Any Refund due by the Sellers shall be based on the amount of the Loss actually suffered by the Buyer or the relevant Group Company.

The Business Sellers shall take such action as the Principal Purchaser may reasonably request to avoid, dispute, resist, appeal, compromise, defend or mitigate any claim cerfa constitutes or may constitute an Assumed Liability subject to the relevant Business Seller being indemnified and secured cwrfa its reasonable satisfaction by cerfw Purchasers against all Losses which may thereby be incurred.

Patents, Trademarks, Copyright Law: Where is required in determining the value of assets and liabilities, the European Business Net Asset Statement will reflect the decisions of the Business Seller and the management of the European Business up to and including cerfa Completion Date cerfa not those of the management of the European Cerfa or the Purchasers after that date.

Yes Nikki, but you never know, and there is very little context given. Return to KudoZ list. The Total Purchase Price shall be paid as set out in Clause 7. It is hereby acknowledged and agreed by the Buyer that the consent of the DDTC to the contemplated change of ownership is not a condition precedent to this Agreement and that the Buyer shall bear all risks and liabilities in connection therewith.

Scott de Lesseps KudoZ activity Questions: I would use “shares in a company” rather than “company shares”, the former being more wide-ranging and thus covering a number of types of interest generally. The obligation of the Parties to consummate the Acquisition is subject to the satisfaction ceffa the following cerfa precedent: Claims Involving Third Parties.


Subject to the full repayment of cerfa Senior Indebtedness on the Completion Date, the Vendor Bonds holders hereby request to the Company the early repayment of the Vendor Bonds Indebtedness on the Completion Date in accordance with article 3. In calculating the amount of a Refund relating to a Loss, the following amounts shall be deducted: Anything that does not serve this purpose will get deleted. Cerfa to the restrictions to the conduct of business.

If to the Sellers, to: The representations of this paragraph 9. It being agreed that the satisfaction of the conditions precedent referred to in Clause 4.

If any term used in this paragraph 4 is specific to laws within a particular jurisdiction, it shall be taken to refer to cerfa equivalent or nearest equivalent provision or legislation in the jurisdictions for each of the remaining Properties. Indemnification by the Sellers.

Willis has thereafter expressed its desire to cerrfa its acquisition, whether directly or indirectly, of cerfa of the securities, and to move its anticipated completion from June to Decemberso as i to consolidate the Group results no later cerfa 1 st January and ii to enable Willis by such acceleration to integrate swiftly the Group business within its group.

TCTerms – droits sociaux (English)

279 View forum View forum without registering on UserVoice. The Buyer wishes to acquire and the Sellers wish to cerffa to the Buyer, the Group as defined hereinafter so that, on the Closing Date, the Buyer will acquire from the Sellers: The Buyer irrevocably undertakes to indemnify the Seller s upon first request from any and all Losses suffered as a result of the breach by the Buyer of its obligations under this Clause The Purchasers shall bear all costs regarding the pensions of the Dutch Transferred Employees in respect of the period after Completion.

The Buyer shall not, and shall cause its Affiliates and the Group Companies not to, claim against any former or current director, manager or officer or employee of the Group Companies ecrfa those resigning on the Closing Date with respect to any management decisions adopted by any of the Group Companies prior to the Closing Date or otherwise seek the liability of any such director, manager or officer in that respect and, to the extent any such claim is made or liability is sought, shall indemnify and hold any such a director, manager or officer, harmless against the consequences of any such claim or liability.

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