Polish VAT Returns

How many times are Polish VAT returns required? In Poland, the default tax duration is one calendar month. These are documented manually or electrically. Although, a company can select quarterly or monthly, the VAT reporting time-span, when registering through the VAT-R form. If a company decides to file quarterly returns, it might be needed to make monthly VAT pre-payments according to turnover. The only companies that may make quarterly returns are those with a turnover of less than PLN5,068,000. Monthly returns and payments for companies providing “sensitive” materials like, rough gold, steel, and fuel are mandatory. What polish VAT can be…

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Polish Intrastat

Together with VAT returns, foreign companies dealing in Poland may be obligated to finalize statistical reports, ‘intrastats’, on the transfer of goods beyond national borders. This comprises the transfer of goods, within the same company or to other companies. At what point do polish Intrastat reports have to be finalized? There is a need to finalize monthly intrastate reporting, if local or foreign companies transfer goods, beyond the polish national border, to or from other countries within the EU. Materials carried into Poland, known as ‘arrivals’, and those transferred out of Poland known as ‘dispatches’ are listed by Intrastat filings.…

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