The Capitation Grant has been introduced in Ghana in by the former NPP Government. It was introduced with the intention of facilitating the achievement of . fees abolition policy, the Capitation Grant (CG), to spur the attainment of universal access to the basic education goal under the Ghana Growth. Report by the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC) in Accra on Ms Hague said the Citizens’ Assessment of Ghana’s Capitation Grant .

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In all, a total of participants 15 head teachers, 75 teachers, 45 parents and 3 circuit supervisors participated in the study. It was therefore not surprising that majority of the participants saw an improvement in the provision of teaching and learning materials. Enoch Okomfo Okonah, Head of Policy and Research at the Global Media Foundation, also believes that government needs to be cpitation for the steps being taken to promote formal education at the basic level.

1. Background and Context

It must be noted that if the law on compulsory education is not enforced, parents will not feel compelled to send their children to school. Up to 15 links are shown, determined by matching tags and by how recently the content was updated; keeping the most current at the top. These educational reviews and reforms were intended to strengthen the educational system.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Additionally, the introduction of the Capitation Grant Scheme has brought enormous challenges to the government, as a result of the increase in enrolment.

The implication of this is that not all girls completing primary school enter into JHS. Purposive, stratified and simple random sampling techniques were used to select participants, while capitattion and documentary sources were used as instruments to gather information which was summarized statistically in percentages and analysed in themes.

There are no threads for this page. According to the respondents, as shown in Table 1the introduction of the Scheme capitatiion the production and use of teaching and learning materials. In the case of some Junior High Schools, Please try a current version of IE or Firefox. Meanwhile, parents and teachers who spoke to the Daily Statesman were full of praise to the government for increasing the capitation grant capitatiom a hundred per cent.

A sample of 15 basic schools consisting of primary and JHS were purposely grat randomly selected for this study. The target population of the study constituted section of the stakeholders of the Capitation Grant Scheme.


This notwithstanding, the community lags behind in education despite the introduction of the Capitation Grant. Table 1 shows the responses of teachers on how the introduction of the Capitation Grant affected the production and use of teaching and learning materials in large classes. Conclusion and Implications References Bibliography. As shown in Figure 1, enrolment decreased from 3. The experience of high enrolment, generates a problem by which classrooms can hardly accommodate the large number of intake of pupils.

However, some of the amount is used for sports and cultural activities and the remaining for the provision of teaching and learning materials, minor repairs in the schools, and examination Dzamboe, The scheme, which started with some pilot districts, now has been extended to embrace all public basic schools in the country with effect from September, In addition, government supplied the full complement of core textbooks, supplementary readers and core English Literature books to all first year students.

It therefore, behoves government to institute ghsna measures to address these problems. It is a descriptive survey, involving teachers, head teachers and parents as the target population.

The ideological underpinning is the continuing aim to make education more relevant to the world of work after school, to rural development and modernization of the predominantly agriculture-based economy, as well as to promote national and cultural identity, and citizenship. The gap between boys and girls in terms of NER has on average been closing up. This was apparently due to the fact that, parents who hitherto capitatioj not afford the levies that were being charged in schools could now send their children to school.

Capitation is a payment of an equal amount of money to each person in the context of this research, for each basic school pupil. This study investigates the influence of the Capitation Grant Scheme on education delivery in basic schools in Ghana, through a close study of the Ga West Municipality.

Capitation grant, Education delivery, Basic school, Policy, Scheme. This study sought to investigate the influence ghzna the Capitation Grant scheme on education delivery grnt public basic schools through a close study of the Ga West Municipality of the Greater Accra Region in Ghana.

The schools were first stratified into circuits, from which at least a school was selected to ensure that all the educational circuits were represented. It was introduced with the intention of facilitating the achievement of the Millennium Development Goal of primary education for all, by financing the primary and Junior Secondary Schools in Ghana in such a way that education is free for all.

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The manner in which people accept or reject a new policy or idea depends on their impressions about that new policy or idea. As can be seen in Table 4only 5 out of 45 parents were not supportive of the grant. The study will be of great importance to educational stakeholders such as the GES and the Ministry of Education by creating awareness on the challenges bedeviling the Capitation Grant scheme.

This situation definitely does not offer a better opportunity for pupil-teacher interaction.

The subsidy paid by the government per student per term covers general stationery and management, office machinery, first aid, building maintenance, sports fee, culture fee, sanitation fee, postage, textbook user fee, practical fees, furniture maintenance and tools maintenance as well as machinery for technical schools and institutions.

There are no instant solutions to violations of that right, but it begins with a simple proposition: There is however, a wider gap in GER at the JHS level between boys and girls, continuously moving towards boys, and averaging around seven percentage points.

Although the data is impressive at the national level, the extent to which the grant has specifically influenced enrolment in the Ga West Municipality is not ascertained. Available granh suggests that capitation grant, like any social intervention, would have some influence both negative and ln on education Denison, This data confirms the literature see Figure 3 that once the Capitation Grant was introduced and there was no corresponding increase in accommodation, the classroom situation was obviously going to be poor, owing to congestion.

However, the increase in enrolment brought about some challenges such as inadequate classrooms, furniture, textbooks, teaching and learning materials and a high pupil-teacher ratio.

Effects of Capitation Grant on Education Outcomes in Ghana

The researchers recommend an increase in the quantum of the grant per pupil and direct payment into the accounts of schools to reduce annual delays in disbursement. The study generally found that there had been an increase in the pupil-teacher ratio as a result of the increased enrolment, due to the introduction of the capitation grant scheme.

In a bid to strengthen the foundational skills and generate interest in mathematics, science and technology, government intends introducing the Basic Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics BSTEM programme in all basic schools.

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