Building with Earth by Gernot Minke, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Building with Earth Gemot Minke Building with Earth Design and Technology of a Sustainable Architecture Birkhauser – Publishers for Architecture Basel • Berlin. Minke, Gernot Documentation of 30 international earth buildings. The characteristics of the building material earth and its applications in modern architecture.

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Results using this method were comparable to those using the method given in the Ger- man standard DIN see 2.

An electrical vibration ram has been developed at the BRL and manufactured by the firm Heuser 5. If the diameter of the disc is less than 50 mm, then a few drops of water should be added.

In these countries, earth is being revived as a build- ing material. These also serve to reduce the shrinkage; gernoh even serve to increase the degree of thermal insulation.

To ask other readers questions about Building with Earthplease sign up. Traditional rammed earth techniques are still used in many developing countries. It should be noted that for the humidity balancing effect of building materials, the speed of absorption and desorption processes is more important than the equi- librium eith content, as explained on p.

The tallest house with solid earth walls in Europe is at Weilburg, Germany.

Cepi Sabre rated it liked it May 22, Cutting test A humid sample of the earth is formed into a ball and cut with a knife. This product, called geopolymer, is derived from poly-condensation: One was built of cm-thick earth walls and mud brick vaults, and the other of cm-thick pre-cast concrete elements with a flat roof.

In the developing countries, requirements for shelter can be met only by using local building materials and relying on do-it-yourself construction techniques. This makes it possible to stack blocks immediately after production. The thickness of the dome was 18 cm at the bottom and 12 cm bbuilding the top. It is very time-consuming to change the water content repeatedly until the groove closes at buildung 25 strokes.

I am gonna use it in the future for sure. There- fore, good ventilation during construction must be provided so that building compo- nents dry out quickly. Wash test A eaeth soil sample is rubbed between the hands.


Building with Earth: Design and Technology of a Sustainable Architecture

In former times, oxblood was commonly used as a binding and stabilising agent. Newly developed, advanced earth building techniques demonstrate the value of earth not only in do-it-yourself construction, but also for industrialised construction involving contractors.

With this standard stiffness, the shrinkage test is to be executed as follows: Thanks for telling us about the problem. This is gernto lime and cement interfere with the binding force of clay minerals. The ammoniac geront pounds act as a disinfectant against micro- organisms.

Fully automatic presses are only economical if they have long lives, are utilised extensive- ly on a daily basis, and if raw material of even consistency is available locally and in sufficient quantities.

Gerjot important than the volume of the pores are the dimensions of the pores. In cold climates where there is sufficient frost, a traditional method is to stack the moistened earth 20 to 40 cm high and allow it to freeze over winter so that disinte- gration occurs due to the expansion of freezing water.

They are usually made from timber. Here, the mortar is poured through a standard funnel onto a plate that is lifted and dropped by a defined type and number of strokes. The author’s presentation reflects buillding rich and varied experiences gained over thirty years of building earth structures all over the world.

After the walls have dried completely, which might take several months, or even a year or more, depending upon thickness and climate, the fungus stops producing spores.

Full text of “Gernot Minke- Building With Earth”

Foamed glass has characteristics similar to expanded clay, but has a lower bulk density. It is a pleasure to work with loam mortar, since it is not abrasive to the skin.

Drying It is seldom possible to say when a loam wall is dry, but the drying process is in any case faster than those of masonry or con- crete walls see chapter 2, p.

Loam with high Montmorillonite content should be stabilised with lime or with a mixture of lime and cement in the ratio 2: The samples to be tested have a special figureshape made from a mixture of standard stiffness. Earth as a building material comes in a thousand different compositions, and can be variously processed. In hot dry and temperate climate zones, earth offers numerous advantages over other materials.


If manure is used, it should be allowed to stand for one to four days in order to allow fermentation; the stabilisation effect is then considerably enhanced due to the ion exchange between the clay minerals and the manure.

Resistance to abrasion Loam surfaces like mud minle and mud floors are sensitive to abrasion. Even today, one third of the human population resides in earthen houses; in developing countries this figure is more than one half. In order to avoid a formwork that would have to be an entire storey in height, a slip form was developed at the BRL.

Rich clayey slurry is used to produce these lightweight loams. Walls rammed with flat-based rams show buildlng lateral shear resistance and there- fore should only be loaded vertically.

According to Indian standards for stabilised soil blocks, the wet compressive strength of the block has to be tested as well. Interestingly, the silty soil samples gave higher w-values than those of clayey soil.


In making an overall assessment of the con- struction energy entailed by a given project, then, we must remember that while it may be technically true that loams with artificially expanded minerals use more energy than those containing other aggregates, this dif- ference is negligible when compared, for instance, to the total energy input involved in the processing, production and trans- portation of timber.

In order to completely eliminate this dis- advantage, spacer-free systems have been developed see p. This leads to variations in the heights and strengths of the blocks. The more porous the mixture, the lighter it is and the greater its thermal insulation.

It should be mentioned that at this stage rammed earth has already achieved sufficient strength to grip nails they can be driven into the wall without making a guiding hole with a drill. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. But for mud plaster that is exposed to rain, and for building elements left unsheltered during construction, the addition of stabilisers may be necessary.

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