Fill Barecon , download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller ✓ Instantly ✓ No software. Try Now!. BIMCO has recently published its new BARECON following a review of its predecessor, BARECON This revision represents a significant update to. Barecon Standard Bareboat Charter Part I filed by Horizon Lines on June 2nd,

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This is designed to take care of situations where the owners have given notice of an expected delay close to the agreed cancelling date and avoids the barecpn having to wait up to one week before being advised by the charterers whether or not they wish to cancel.

Next, to the Owner in an amount up to the equity portion of the Stipulated Loss Value of the Vessel barecoj of the Payment Date first occurring after the event of Total Loss as set forth in Schedule 3 to this Charter; and.

It is not the brecon of this provision that the charterers should at all times keep the vessel classed without recommendations, provided that the recommendation’s expiry date does not pass without the charterers taking the necessary action to rectify the matter. In the bqrecon such insurance covenants are modified after the date hereof, 201 Clause 48 shall automatically be deemed amended so as to conform to any such modification in the insurance covenants set forth in Section 4 of the Mortgage.

In the event of the Vessel being deleted from the Bareboat Charter Registry as stated in Box 44, due to a default by the Owners in the payment of any amounts due under the mortgage sthe Charterers shall have the right to terminate this Charter forthwith and without prejudice to any other claim they may have against the Owners under this Charter.

Changes to the Vessel This sub-clause 10 e requires the charterers to first baecon the owners’ approval before making any structural changes to the vessel or her machinery, etc. Barefon, to the Mortgagee for application in accordance with Section 2. The indemnities contained in this Clause 53 shall not be construed as a guarantee by the Charterer of the useful life or residual value of the Vessel.

Surveys on Delivery and Redelivery 8. If the Vessel be arrested or otherwise detained by reason of claims or liens arising out of her operation hereunder by the Charterers, the Charterers shall at their own batecon take all reasonable steps to secure that within a reasonable time the Vessel is released, including the provision of bail.

The Sellers shall, at the time of delivery, hand to the Buyers all classification certificates for hull, engines, anchors, chains, etc.

Bimco Standard Bareboat Charter Code Name : “Barecon ” by Scorpio

Provisions Relating to Predelivery Period The respective rights and obligations of the Owners and the Charterers as between themselves during the construction and pre-delivery periods for the Vessel shall be as set forth in the Agreement to Acquire and Charter. KG, a German limited partnership. There may in practice, however, be certain problems placing such additional insurance according to, for instance, national legislation or because the insurers of the vessel may either refuse or put a certain limit on such additional insurance cover.

Brokerage 20011 and to whom payable Cl. Time and Place of Delivery.


It should be noted that the obligation on the charterers to take immediate steps to have the necessary repairs done within a reasonable time, which appeared as the second paragraph of sub-clause 9 a in BARECON 89, has been removed from the Maintenance and Operation Clause.

In the event that the Charterer shall enter into a management agreement with any Person who is not an Affiliate of the Charterer or the Owner providing for the technical and commercial management barecoj the Vessel, such management agreement shall be in form and substance satisfactory to the Agent.


In the bareecon that alternative 12 b applies, it is normal practice in most jurisdictions for the bank to require the charterers to countersign the financial instrument and acquaint themselves with all its relevant terms, conditions and provisions to ensure that the charterers are fully aware of their undertaking. This Barevon shall be binding upon and enure for the benefit of the Owners and the Charterers and their respective successors and permitted assigns. It should be noted that although sub-clause 1 d has been re-worded to make its provisions clearer, no substantive changes have been made to the text.

Republic of Liberia See Clauses 10 d and 41 6.

The Charterer shall inform the Owner of the occurrence of any Material Adverse Effect or any Default or Event of Default promptly and in any event within two 2 Business Days after becoming aware of the occurrence thereof. Clauses 32 to 44 of this Charter, then the terms of the Additional Clauses shall prevail. The narrow definition of “owners” used in BARECON 89 did not cover all types of owner and, as no suitable single definition could be found, it was agreed that the best solution would be simply to refer to the contents of the appropriate box in Part I.

A Bank Guarantee Clause has been incorporated, the text of which also appeared in BARECON 89, for use in circumstances where the charterers do not have substantial assets and the owners require some form of financial guarantee for the Charter. Rate of interest payable acc.

This Charter shall be deemed to be terminated if the Vessel becomes a total loss or is declared as a constructive or compromised or arranged total loss. The Owners or the Charterers as the case may be shall immediately furnish the other party with particulars of any additional insurance effected, including copies of any cover notes or policies and the written consent of the insurers of any such required insurance in any case where the consent of such insurers is necessary.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Charterer may assign its obligations and rights under this Charter to a wholly-owned Subsidiary of the Guarantor without the prior written consent of the Owner. April 7, ; Fortis Capital Corp. Use of the Vessels Outfit, Equipment and Appliances Physical delivery of the Vessel to SFL Holdings under the MOA shall be made at the place at which the Vessel is delivered by the Shipbuilder to the Seller in accordance with the Building Contract and on the same day, immediately after delivery of the Vessel by the Shipbuilder to the Seller.

Pending physical repossession of the Vessel in accordance with this Clause 29, the Charterers shall hold the Vessel as gratuitous bailee only to the Owners. Specifications and Building Contract 2. The delivery provisions of BARECON have been expanded to incorporate a requirement that the vessel be properly documented on delivery sub-clause 3 b. The terms of this Charter shall not be waived, altered, modified, amended, supplemented or terminated in any manner whatsoever except by written instrument signed by the party or parties to be charged.

There was particular concern that suspension of the right of withdrawal could be triggered by ” The Owner shall not have any duty to make any such inspection nor shall it incur any liability or obligation by reason of not making such inspection.

Insurance against liability under law or international convention arising out of pollution, spillage or leakage in an amount not less than the maximum amount available, as that amount may from time to time change, from the IGA Clubs or alternatively such sources of pollution, spillage or leakage coverage as are commercially available in any absence of such coverage by the IGA Clubs as shall be carried by prudent shipowners for similar vessels engaged in similar trades plus amounts available from customary excess insurers of such risks as excess amounts, if any, as shall be carried by prudent shipowners for similar vessels engaged in similar trades, in each case to the extent commercially available and carried by other responsible and experienced companies engaged in the operation of vessels similar to the Vessel.


Your Message Providing us with as much detail as possible will help us to deal with your enquiry quickly. Under a bareboat charter, it is the charterers’ obligation not only to in all respects equip the vessel, but also to man her, pay the wages to the Master, officers and crew.

Insurance hull and machinery and war risks state value acc. Any Part removed from the Vessel as provided in the preceding sentence shall remain the property of the Owner and shall remain part of the Vessel until replaced in accordance with the terms of such sentence, but shall then, without further act, become the property of the Charterer.

The costs and fees for such inspection and survey shall be paid by the Owners. If the rating of any insurer or underwriter is or falls below the rating required by the immediately preceding sentence whether on initial placement, renewal or otherwiseunless the Mortgagee shall consent otherwise the Charterer shall replace such insurer or underwriter with an insurer or underwriter that meets or exceeds such rating requirement not later than thirty 30 days after such required rating is no longer met.

This amendment has been made to be consistent with the changes made to Clause 3 Delivery. Clause 24 Bank Guarantee A Bank Guarantee Clause has been incorporated, the text of which also appeared in BARECON 89, for use in circumstances where the charterers do not have substantial assets and the owners require some form of financial guarantee for the Charter. Any moneys in excess of USDThe charterers may, for example, wish to cover themselves against loss of time occasioned by excessive and time-consuming repairs because of hull damage.

Clause 29 Repossession This new clause tackles the potentially thorny issue of repossession of the vessel following termination of the Charter in accordance with Clause Specifications and Building Contract It has been found that in a typical financial bareboat charter such as, for instance, in connection with a new-building vessel, the owners should not become implicated in latent defects which may only manifest themselves a long time after delivery from the yard and the repairs of which are thus not recoverable under the building contract; hence the provisions found in sub-clause 1 d of this clause that in regard to repairs or replacements or any defects which appear within the first twelve months from delivery, the owners shall only be liable to the charterers to the extent the owners have a valid claim against the builders under the Guarantee Clause of the building contract.

There may also be situations where the owners’ prior consent should also be obtained when the charterers want to employ the vessel under terms which are not in compliance with the insurance policy, even though it may be the charterers who take out the insurance policy. The Owner shall procure that any mortgagee provides an equivalent right to quiet enjoyment. Nothing herein shall prevent the parties agreeing in writing to vary these provisions to provide for the appointment of a sole arbitrator.

In such circumstances, the Owners shall indemnify the Charterers against any loss, damage or expense incurred by the Charterers including hire paid under this Charter as a direct consequence of such arrest or detention. Sub-clause 28 d relates to the winding up, liquidation, dissolution or bankruptcy of either party.

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