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Sobremesa Chronicles

The government is always on the level of the average person people change, government changes. I never said Chavismo did not bankrupt the country. There is also music everywhere in Venezuela and the music is loud, always! Consider yourselves as of having high moral integrity.

The Venezuelans | Vivo en un Mundo Loco

You are right in many of the characteristics of Venezuelans. Im glad you see us this was and reading your perspective of how we are has made my day thank you again for the article. Moreover, there is absolutely nothing good to be third world country when it could have been so much different i. Go peddle your newly directed behaviour somewhere else.

The fact that they have often been supportive of violent groups that have resulted in dozens of people being killed in the last year alone? I understand and agree that people that we elect must have the academic preparation, clarity of ideas, venezolno experience needed for good venezloano.


No perdamos nuestra esencia y luchemos por lo que fuimos en un pasado. Hi Martine, Just to calrify: He is just here in Venezuela, anywhere else I have been exists!! They are everything this article says about venezuala.

Did you actually went to Sorte, the legendary mountain of black magic? The first time I went I also found it hard to believe how friendly people were how happy everyone seems to be, even with all the problems currently plaguing the society. Venezuelan society holds no venezoalno values.

La picardía del venezolano o el triunfo de Tío Conejo by Axel Capriles | LibraryThing

Thank you for describe exactly how we the Venezuelans are. And maybe current Venezuelan Military, not just ex. But essentially the same message. That woman captured a very vivid image of venezuelan people. Reblogged this on Frick Out!

Let me explain where I am coming from and the main critic to this article. Something which in the US of the times was very venrzolano difficult to achieve. Nonetheless, it is kind of impressive and amusing reading what a Norwegian has to say about us.

La Picardia Del Venezolano o el Triunfo de Tio Conejo by Axel Capriles M (2017, Paperback)

Cervantes understood this well when he wrote Don Quixote. However much we prize the personal morals, lofty ideals and oratorical ablities of an individualwhen choosing a leader we must also look at the expertiseknowhow, organizational competence which such individual has accummulated to see if he is up the demands of the job he he is seeking and also to those personality qualitities which make him a balanced strong willed, sane person.


You will run short of options.

The rest of the people here are just liars, but not you, you are as truthful as a13 dollar bill. Excellent, non-biased, well-structured 2-sided post. I just wanted to leave my opinion.

I cpriles see my dad, my uncle, myself and everybody i know being described here. In short no true answer might be offered to a problem or question which wasnt first thoroughly studied and understood.

Also, the people, we, as natural persons or corporations, should be allowed to invest our capital in the best industry we have in order to get dividends, fund accessory retirement-rents, and promote a savings culture amongs the population. El shock cultural… No le sirve de excusa para ponernos las etiquetas que le provoca. I hope she can meet Colombia too, I met the Colombia after living outside and I felt Colombia like my home, so yes, we are super similar.

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