A4 | S4. Quick Questions & Answers. Truth in Engineering C. Audi. Truth in . Please refer to your Owner’s Manual for operating conditions of this feature. Page 1 of Free PDF Manual Download for Audi A4. Free PDF Downloads for all Engine sizes and models for Audi A4.

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The storage compartment will hold a maximum weight of 0. Control for Audi drive select The system automatically compensates for any variations in the outside temperature and for the effect of direct sunlight.

Do not touch the glass part of the bulb with your bare hands, use Take particular care when working on audii in the a cloth or paper towel instead. Safe Driving In the event of an accident, the safety features incorporated in your vehicle are capable of reducing the risk of injury. This is available from Audi inside the control console. It could also cause damage to other parts If a fuse has blown it must be replaced. To print the manual completely, please, download it.

Audi A4 / S4 PDF Owner’s Manuals

Unauthorised use of these Page Understanding the tyre designations makes it easier to choose the If you use tyres that are approved by Audi you can be sure that the correct tyres. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Bulb Attachment points are holder with a bayonet marked by arrows fastener In the case of bulb holders with a bayonet fastener please The hub caps ,anual be removed for access to the wheel bolts. All books as shown in very nice condition with manual sleeve.

If the vehicle in front of you is travelling in the same lane at a much being reliably recognised or, in some circumstances, not being slower speed or if it brakes hard, the Audi braking guard will calcu- detected at all. On narrow roads, the system will give off warnings later than on wide roads. You need more strength to steer and brake the vehicle when the engine is switched off.


Audi A4 Service Manual See more.

Passengers not wearing seat belts risk fatal injuries in the event of an accident. Page Indicator lamps Page Audi side assist Audi side assist: Only use child restraint systems that are officially approved and suitable for the child.

Page — More stubborn dirt can be removed using a mild soap contact your Audi dealer. Never leave the cleaning agent on The steering lock acts as a theft deterrent.

Page Should the gearbox ever switch into the back-up programme, you should take the vehicle to an Audi dealer or qualified workshop as When the vehicle slows down for instance when brakingthe soon as possible. Your authorised Audi dealer is familiar with these regulations and will be pleased to pass on the information to you.

This is to warn the driver to take extra care when there is a risk of ice on the road. Please make sure you do not unintentionally rest your foot on the accelerator – this will override the cruise control system which, as a result, will not brake the vehicle.

For Audi A4 Avant Quattro 1.

AUDI A4 Owner’s Manual

Have the remote control coding for that key deactivated. Water-soluble paint Environmental compatibility Environmental protection is auddi top priority in the design, choice of materials and production of your new Audi.

While the vehicle is moving, this function distributes the available power to the various electrical components and systems according Please note that certain convenience features, such as the Audi to their requirements. Radio Transmitters And Business Equipment In extreme cases this could a that you might lose the type approval for your vehicle. Warning Triangle The retainer on the boot lid is specifically designed to hold the order to access the compartment.


When the dipped beam headlights are switched on, the — Both exterior mirrors should be mounted The trailer connector must be properly secured in the vehicle on hinged extension brackets. If you notice pwner vibration or the car pulling to one side, this may indicate General notes that one of the tyres is damaged. If the electronic regulating system When applying the brakes to clean off deposits on the pads and is not working properly, this is mqnual noticeable when turning the discs, select a clear, dry road.

General notes Caution We have a wide selection of leathers.

Audi A4 Workshop & Owners Manual | Free Download

Book is in New, never-opened condition. If traffic conditions permit, take your foot off the acceler- Selecting the driving mode ator briefly after you change the mode so that the new mode is also activated for the engine. The reversing camera does not show the complete area behind — If you anticipate hazards Regular servicing can establish a basis for good fuel economy and speed changes well in advance, you will need to brake less and before you start driving.

They warn you Please ensure that this Owner’s Manual is always kept in the vehicle.

Page 18 Note Applies to vehicles: Please note that the following list, while correct at the time of printing, is subject to alterations.

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