Aonla Plants Cultivation in India: it’s Origin, Area of Production, Climate and Soil, Cultivars, Harvesting and Marketing! Family: Euphorbiaceae. Aonla or amla or. Soils with red,black with wide range of pH can very well accomodate to planting,the fields should be deeply ploughed,harrowed. Besides fruits, leaves, bark, and even seeds are being used for various purposes. The total area under Aonla in Andhra Pradesh is about 4,

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A seedling selection from Chakaiya. Phyllemblin,obtained from the fruit pulp ucltivation been found to have a mild depressant action on central nervous system. The crop shall be benefited by giving irrigations at the time of Ml bloom and set.

Inputs Number of seedlings for one acre area should be Fruits are greenish white color, medium size 33—35g. It is also reported to be the cultibation of India, Ceylon, Jalaysia and China. Plants should be staked and shoots arising from rootstock should be removed promptly. Therefore, hardly any irrigation is practiced. It has a great tolerance to salinity and sodicity and cultivted in pH range of 6.

A herb Bhoomi aorJa Phyllanthus niguri also belong to family Euphorbiaceae. Extracted from AgriGold SwarnaSedyam. Bark eating cater pillar Damages the stem and branches of vultivation up trees by eating the bark.


It is monoecious plant having male and female flowers separately on the same panicle. Others, if any, please specify. Nutrition Updates for all of us Aonla aonoa can be controlled by spraying blue copper 3 gm per litre of water or combination of Carbendazim and Mancozeb readilly available in the market in the ratio of 2gm per litre of water.

Aonla Plants: Aonla Plants Cultivation in India

In sodic soils, g. This is to cover costs of land preparation and sowing operations, planting material, inputs and power. Ber,guava and lemon are usually planted in the centre of each square of aonla plants. It has a high med It contains ascorbic acid mg per g.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Its cultivation is being taken up in a big way in Maharashtra, Gujrat, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and in Southern states. Most suitable for dry arid climates. Planting Planting is done during July-August with a spacing of 6 x 6 m in pits of 1x1m or 1. Fruit set occurs by cross pollination and later fruits enter into a prolonged dormancy for up to four months March—Juneduring this periods tree basins should not be disturbed.

Mulching and Intercropping During summer, the crop should be cultovation with paddy straw cultivtaion wheat straw at the base of the tree up to cm from the trunk. The schedule can also be done as follows. A mature Aonla tree of about 10 years will yield kg of fruit. Aonla existed by way of Kayakalp in our country dultivation more than years ago.


Regular pruning of a bearing aonla tree is not required. A vegetatively propagated tree starts fruiting commercial crop after 6 – 8 years of planting, while seedling trees may take 10 to 12 years to begin bearing.

Aonla Cultivation Practices: Brief Introduction of Aonla Cultivation

Aonla planting should be done with more than two cultivars in alternate lines. Cultivation – Propagation Aonla is generally propagated by shield budding.

High amount of Exchangeable Sodium Percentage ESP can disturb plant metabolism, which has adverse effect on the growth of aonla plants. Biodiesel is a completely natural, renewable fuel applicable in almost any situation where conventional petroleum diesel is used.

Due to fruit weight branches tend to break. Seedlings are patch budded when these become pencil thick, during May-June.

Agrigold Explains the Environmental Benefits of Biodiesel.

Tree is a prolific bearer, even with little care. It grows to a height of 12 m. The budded plants should be planted in field during August or in January-February at a distance of m apart on square system of planting. It is heavy and cutlivation bearer, with medium sized fruits 30g per fruit. Plants up to 2 years of age -at 10 days interval.

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