Stasiland by Anna Funder is a book about individuals who resisted the East German regime, and others who worked for its secret police, the Stasi. Funder’s Stasiland tells stories of people who heroically resisted the communist dictatorship of East Germany, and of people who. Stasiland: Stories from Behind the Berlin Wall [Anna Funder] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. ‚ÄúStasiland demonstrates that great.

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By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. View all 27 comments. But the unforgettable moments are down to Human Nature in its very worst guises, always able to invent something a little worse or more manipulative for the right perk, price, or contraband slab of meat. Views Read Edit View history.

Ms Funder’s somber account keeps true to the timbral properties– the murk, must, and banality of the regime. East Germany cannot die for her while its bogeymen are still living in the same flats and drinking in the same pubs.

Who looks like who? Actually serve the people. If you didn’t know how to work the system, finagle your way in to lord about others. Leggeva la posta, registrava le telefonate, ascoltava le conversazioni con appositi microfoni, obbligava a riferire sui comportamenti di tutti, verificava parentele, prendeva nota dei risultati scolastici dei figli e del rendimento sul lavoro, misurava l’orientamento delle antenne televisive, pedinava, archiviava funnder

Venghino siori venghino ad incontrare coloro che stavano dall’altra parte di quel vetro, di quei microfoni, di quelle sbarre: We join her in Potsdam. Essentially, to prosecute the Stasi unified Germany would have to declare the entire law of the Stasilanv illegal and the DDR itself to be an illegal state, like the Third Reich – which would have greatly slowed down the reunification process.


It wouldn’t have surprised me if there were more secret microphones than there were people in the GDR.

Stasiland : Anna Funder :

The gift shop was pretty lame though. Years after the Wall came down, Miriam is still unable to achieve closure. It must have been a pen-pusher’s heaven.

Read most Morrissey interviews for a good example anan this. Either you offer up a dry, scientific examination or you dare to throw out hypotheses and proclaim this is what happened, this is what they did and this is how these individuals reacted emotionally.

All That I Am has been published in twenty countries and spent over one and a half years on the bestseller list, appearing several times at number one. So I can still say that this is one of my favourite books of all time due to how powerful it is. Australia Council for the Arts.

No guilt, power on! With no way out. View all 5 comments. Among the brave, reluctant heroes who railed against this tyranny was Miriam, a woman whose break for freedom put her in prison while still a teenager.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Chris Mitchell of Spike Magazine called it “an essential insight into the totalitarian regime”. Being a book of non-fiction I expected objectivity in its analysis of life behind the Wall. There was no such thing as the good old days but you can put it in a history book. The people she presents are caricatures of humans, fake and unbelievable.

A fascinating research story – how Funder actually goes about researching the Stasi and how people were affected by their surveillance, her experiences etc – and the Stasi itself is fascinating.

While the life-stories do bring a range of emotions to the reader, one thing I felt missing, was more of her own view points, to give a broader scope. In some ways it is a memoir of the time during which she was researching the book and learning for herself what went on behind the wall. Stasiland is much better. The author is not impartial, she makes subjective statements and even a few ridiculous generalizations, but at the same time she shows us what these people lived through.


Review: Stasiland by Anna Funder | Books | The Guardian

Just finished rereading this, ten years! Although many stories here aren’t verified I have read many similar ones that are, so the nonsensical horror of the regime isn’t exaggerated This book was released in the early 00’s and some bits have aged badly. When I first learned of ostalgia I had pretty much figured it was felt by those who had learned to work the system.

If you still thought for yourself. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely stasiladn for kids, photography lovers and more. Funder also doesn’t ask why Miriam spontaneously decides to try to flee the DDR, either. What do you do when it is gone?

Anna Funder

Some of the victims are too traumatised to give accurate accounts and some of the Stasi accounts are completely unreliable for obvious reasons. What are breaking points made up of anyway?

She interviews victims as well as those who were in authority at the time.

Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. I lived in the GDR for a year as a student back in the s. I could have thought of way better stwsiland for it because I’m an American.

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