Leave the search box empty to find all products, or enter a search term to find a specific product. Sort by. Product Name +/- · Category · Manufacturer name. correspondence from the Canada Revenue Agency (Muljiani ). . Warman’s Detaxer acolyte Alex Muljiani had a comparatively short. Canada – The UnTaxman – Secrets of Detaxation A detaxing strategy based on Eldon Warman’s 15 year success story. Alex Muljiani takes it.

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Do you think the government is ready to give you those rules? I thank you for your understanding and compliance with this instruction re: You are mulijani to download these forms and complete them and forward them to the “warned parties” who are currently illegally extracting income tax from your monthly pay cheque. If you believe that your children deserve a better future than what you see coming down the road, your obligation is to educate yourself on how to protect your property so that you can educate them to do the same.

I have the option to file a Statement of Claim naming the following persons: When I first began helping him, it was a job and I got paid.

It is not my intent to create any kind of friction. This “withdrawal of permission” to withhold “income tax” is also made pursuant to the Court Order Interest Act of the province muljiahi Ontario, which also requires that interest be paid on any money held by anyone for any period of time. I am an accountant who has worked on helping a man who was audited twice in the last 4 years.

Ontario and British Columbia are joining the federal government in their relentless march to stomp out basic property rights. As you can see from the above example, and as you probably know from your own personal experience, CCRA has no use for you as a person. After learning this new knowledge I encourage you to take action immediately to quit filing income tax returns and to quit paying income tax in Canada – permanently, effectively and lawfully.

I regret to inform you that if this last act of diplomacy fails I will have no option but to commence court action at the end of January The case above concerns a man who fixes furnaces. Time is running out folks! As of this date, my employer still refuses to comply with my request to stop withholding income tax from my monthly paycheque. One technique, of course, was that old standby of time. I am seeking an “honest” lawyer in the Ottawa area who is willing to do some research re: What forces came into play with such brilliant subtlety and sureness, like a thief in the night, and stole away our two most precious gifts?


Alex Muljiani

muljini Please be advised that I hereby withdraw my permission given OCDSB to muuljiani “income tax” from my monthly payroll for the purpose of remitting same to Revenue Canada Taxation. The funny thing about Canadians is that we always get plenty of warning that these draconian pieces of legislation are coming down the pike, but we always seem to be asleep until they pass into law.

Well then, learn these on your own and you can play to win.

In a small community in Ontario, CCRA came full force, auditing every small business they could, mostly men in their 40’s. Any employer is required to deduct according to the information provided by the employee on the TD-1 Form.

Eldon Warman and Alex Muljiani are actively teaching “detax” and “untax” information to “re-educate” fellow Canadians on the “truth” about “income taxes” and the Income Tax Act.

I read later that CCRA goes after people who have their homes paid off so they can lien them and, yes, these alfx have had their paid-off homes liened against. Further, the threat of punishment that Revenue Canada Taxation claims it will enforce constitutes “extortion”, and by definition mulhiani s. As informed citizens capable of “original” thought we are prepared to take the necessary aex as outlined in the accompanying letters to OCDSB if the wrongdoers continue to disrespect our rights by ignoring our Declaration of Rights At Law.

akex In fact, there is a lucrative marketing opportunity for any “honest” lawyer who dares to follow a self-imposed course of study to “re-educate” himself on issues of Common Law which you probably did not learn at Law School. Did you know there are ways to not “own” your house anymore without ever selling it?

This letter is being forwarded to you since the employees in the payroll department of the OCDSB have previously ignored my requests to file “exempt”status and thereby stop withholding incomes tax from muljiano monthly pay cheque on behalf of Revenue Canada Taxation.

I will keep visitors to The Cyberclass Network updated on the progress of my challenge muljixni become “detaxed”. These documents serve to inform the warned parties OCDSB and The Minister of National Revenue that any debts or supposed contractual obligations arising out of past activity are void and any present and future supposed requirements associated with the bad contracts are void.

For example, there is no aoex freedom to send larger amounts of money to the U. A Revenue Canada third party demand does not constitute a lawful garnishee against a natural person of commoner status unless accompanied by a proper court judgement and order.


Eldon has mulljiani an abundance of information at this web site for those who are following a self-imposed course of study in the process of re-education.

Welcome to Conspriracy King Alex Muljiani

These orders have required that the employer pay the employee interest on that money reimbursed. He was the first person in Alxe to stop having income tax deducted off his UIC cheques.

I further learned that I have been deceptively induced by Revenue Canada’s propaganda into making a supposed contract by filing an income tax return, thus changing muljianl status to “taxpayer” which makes me subject to the income tax by that supposed contract. Eldon Warman, a alx Canadian patriot who resides in Calgary, Alberta inspired me to take ale to recover my sovereign status. However, after seeing his business records, I refused payment from him so he could afford to hire lawyers.

However, there are other solutions required when it comes to protecting your property rights. Pursuant to the Interest Act of Canada, an Act of Parliament which allows me to require and I do require, that a muljaini of five percent interest be paid to me, on any and all money belonging to me and being held by anyone else for any period of time. Kennedy, a freeman, a natural person and a commoner, come and declare: BoxCapri Centre, Kelowna, B.

I have posted various “Letters to my Employer” dated May 25 th, October 5 th, December 21st, and February 15th, The reality was that these so-called money laundering and criminal activities were played up dramatically so that the police state pieces of legislation could be passed without much criticism.

I am under no contract, explicit or implicit, which ale my status to any type or form of fictitious person, such as taxpayer, limited liability, or incorporated. I will now prepare to use the government justice system to lay criminal charges; and.

He built his home himself in the ‘s and it is ALL they own. Most of these people were quite aware that whatever part they were playing would lead to the eventual creation of a police state in Canada.

Then it was about the Great War and protecting our soldiers and our brethren in Europe. It seems as if only a small minority of Canadians care enough to even aleex debating or challenging the new pieces of legislation as they are tabled. However, they also include insurance fraud, stock market fraud, telemarketing fraud and other such crimes unrelated to muljiiani and money laundering.

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