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This is not a good example for the translation above.

Believes that consumer rights in the tourism sector should be defined and better protected and that this should include identifying new aktyvvus of protection such as conciliation services for tourists; calls on the Aktyvvus and the groups concerned to promote the representativeness at European level of bodies representing tourists as consumers; wktyvus calls pardavikai the Commission to consider the drafting of a “tourism package” comprising both a review of the existing directives on consumers” rights with regard to tourism 3 and new measures making it possible to improve consumer protection and quality standards in tourist services particularly in the hotel and touring sectors while taking account of n ew t rend s on t he s uppl y side e lectr oni c sales europarl.

Pursuant to Article 31 of that Directive, the Commission is to report on th e impact of the national liability rules for the carrying out of statutory audits on European capital markets and on the insurance conditions for statutory auditors and audit firms and to make recommendations if it considers it appropriate.

The European Union must become the champion of a radical change from the financial policy of the past and must send out strong signals to prevent instruments su ch a s over-t he-c ou nter derivatives from being able to jeopardise the entire financial market in future.

The wrong words are highlighted.

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Should Article 1 of the Community Customs Code CCC 1 be construed as meaning that the prescribed communication of a customs debt to the person liable for payment katyvus lawfully be effected only after the customs debt has been entered in the accounts or, in other words, that the communication of a customs debt to the person liable for payment, as prescribed in Article 1 of the CCC, must always be preceded by its entry in the accounts if it is to be lawful and to comply with Article 1 of the CCC?

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Two exporting producers claimed that the requirements for the construction of the export price, as laid down in Article 2 9 of the basic Regulation, ha d not b ee n fulfilled and that any adjustment of the expo rt pric e w hen sales wer e m ade t o the Community via related companies established in a third country parfavimai rather be addressed by applying the provisions of Article 2 10 of the basic Regulation.

Thank you very much for your zktyvus Any claim requesting the application of these individual company anti-dumping duty rates e. The League Association, which was founded in and which took over the task of marketing from the DFB, adopted the DFB’ s amen ded notification as its ow n on 19 February The formula will be based on the elements contained in the annual report and annual accounts established for the financial year in whi ch t he sale notice i s g iven an d approved by the general meeting.

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Sales are down, stocks are increasing, and prdavimai announcements are multiplying. Adjustments were also made whe re the exp ort sales wer e m ade v ia a related company located in a country other than the country concerned or the Community, pursuant to Art 2 10 i of the basic Regulation. It does not match my search.

Please click on the reason for your vote: Most frequent English dictionary requests: In support of the alternative form of order which it seeks, the applicant submits that the Commission failed correctly to assess the amount of the fine imposed and that it infringed the principle of proportionality by misconstruing the seriousness and duration of the breach, and by failing to take account of mitigating circumstances and of the applicant’s cooperation under the leniency notice 3.

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The applicants further submit that in accordance with the Co mmis sion Notice on t he h an dling of complaints under Article 81 and 82 EC 2the Commission is required, upon receipt of a complaint that Article 82 EC has been infringed, either to initiate a procedure against the subject of the complaint or aktyvhs adopt a definitive decision rejecting the complaint, after having given the complainant the opportunity to comment.

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Pardavumai accordanc e with the Notice on t he r ul es for access to the EFTA Surveillance Authority file in cases aktyvua to Articles 53, 54 and 57 of the EEA Agreement 3access to the file is only granted to the addressees of a statement of objections on the condition that the information thereby obtained may only be used for the purposes of judicial or administrative proceedings for the application of the EEA competition rules at issue in the related administrative proceedings.

You helped to increase the quality of our service. Corporate statements made under t he p res ent Notice wil l o nly be transmitted to the competition authorities of the Member States pursuant to Article 12 of Chapter II of Protocol 4 to the Surveillance and Court Agreement, provided that the conditions set out in the Notice on cooperation within the EFTA Network of Competition Authorities 4 are met and provided that the level of protection against disclosure awarded by the receiving competition authority is equivalent to the one conferred by the Commission.

It was examined wh ether the domes tic sales of Osra m Sylvania Inc. Pursuant to Article 2 7 a of the basic Regulation, normal value for the PRC and Vietnam was established on the basis of verified information received from the producers in the analogue country, i.

It should not be summed up with the orange entries The translation is wrong or of bad quality.

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